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Auto Clicker – Tapping


Auto clicker helps you do repeated tap, swipe action at any location on your screen, at any interval you specify.

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This app features a floating control panel for easy to control of the automatic clicking.
You can add any click point, swipe action on the screen, start/stop the automatic tap with this control panel.

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    If you have ever need to keep a game active, tap the same button over and over, Auto clicker will help you to do it.

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    Auto clicker does NOT require root and work on full-screen app.
    This app require Accessibility service to work.

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    With the instruction we provided, Auto clicker is more easy to use.

    – User interface is easy to use.
    – Support click points, swipe actions.
    – Save the configuration to re-use in next time.
    – Support stop function.

    HabiTap – Auto Clicker No Root Automatic Tapping


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      HabiTap is an automatic clicker (auto clicker) that can tap a point on your screen repeatedly, designed for people suffering from disabilities such as carpal tunnel syndrome and partial paralysis of the hand and arm where repeated tapping on the screen is necessary and difficult to accomplish. Features:

      auto clicker

      Automatic Multi-point Recorder
      Record different positions to automatically tap (auto click) in your favorite apps and games.

      auto clicker

      Single-point Tap
      Tap in a single spot repeatedly at a speed you can set.

      auto clicker

      Dual-point Tap
      Tap in two spots repeatedly at a speed you can set.

      auto clicker

      No-Root, Ad-Free
      This app does not require root. It has no ads, and is completely free to use. It only works with Android 7 (Nougat) devices and higher, and does not require your device to be rooted. It works on 90% of apps and games on the market, as well as on the basic android system. There is an optional in-app upgrade to HabiTap pro which allows dual pointer mode.

      Is it your habit to tap? Then get HabiTap today…

    Clickmate – Touch Recorder Macro Clicker [NOROOT]

    We are happy to bring you Clickmate!

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      ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

      auto clicker

      Clickmate is the app that gives you possibility to record and replay your touch input in record mode and perform tapping and swiping actions in manual mode.

      It does not require ROOT!

      ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

      auto clicker

      App supports integration with Tasker and MacroDroid.
      Feel free to extend your tasks with Clickmate.

      ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

      auto clicker

      Here are little details:

      Record mode: In this mode you can record and reproduce your touch input as well as system actions like back, menu button, apps button, taking screenshot (available on Android 9 and newer) using built-in navigation bar. Recorded tasks can be easily repeated as many times as you want. What is most important – this mode does not require root!

      auto clicker 1

      Manual mode: This is helpful mode for clicking apps – select points on the screen, specify action like tap or swipe and do the magic! These action are fully customizable – you can set swipe and tap duration, repeat interval, repeat count and randomize coordinates.

      auto clicker -2

      ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
      Are you looking for perfect touch input repeater or auto tapping app? Just try Clickmate!

      Application does not require ROOT!

      We will be grateful for your ideas and advices.
      Feedback is also welcome!

      Contact with us: – Clicker no ADS

    This application can help you do auto clicks, auto taps and even automatically swipes at required point, target, field or button. Accuracy, Agility and Target helper. will improve your skills like a finger, but become faster and more accurate each time you play your favorite games! Go to TOP faster!

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      auto clicker

      What more:
      – optimize automatic click frequency (fast tap / very fast click / exceptional fast click)
      – works with any game and app
      – easy to use
      – multiple pointers
      – finish timer
      – save configuration

      * No ADS!
      * No ROOT!
      * Totally FREE!

      auto clicker

      From professional gamer to hyper casual users, is a free android application for all to enjoy.

      To whom it may concern:
      – to increase your APM
      – to multiply(or split) your action
      – to them who tired and need free time to take a rest

      auto clicker

      *** At this moment available on android version 7.0 and higher.
      Also, this app needs the activation of an Accessibility service to work correctly.

      Auto Clicker & Swipe

      Auto Clicker & Swipe app for Gamers is a new-age app designed to facilitate the gamers and players with a virtual-navigation Swiper while playing games!
      Auto clicker for Gamers app is intuitively designed and develop by Auto Swiper for Gamers app!
      Smart clicker for Gamers app is completely free to install and has an easy and quick installation process.

      auto clicker img1
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        Components of Auto Clicker app:
        – Single Target
        – Multiple Target
        – Auto Swipe Mode (Supports multiple click points, multiple swipes)
        – Curve Swipe
        – Configurations
        – Minimize/Maximize Controller Bar

        Each component has a common set of settings and instructions for the users to be able to use the Auto Swiper for Gamers app effectively ad efficiently.

        Overall app settings include:
        – Delay time before do next click: milliseconds/seconds/minutes.
        – Stop when encountered a stop condition.
        – Click or Long Press.
        – Tap duration.
        – Swipe duration.
        – Controller & pointer setting.
        – Rearrange the control bar items.

        Various stop conditions:
        – Run Infinitely
        – Amount of Time
        – Amount of cycle
        – 20 clicks/sec
        – 10 clicks/sec
        – 5 clicks/sec

        auto clicker img2

        Instructions of control bar icons:
        – Tap the 4-way arrow icon to move the control bar.
        – Tap play button to run clicks.
        – Click on square icon to preview the clicking action.
        – Tap on the target icon to add clickers.
        – To remove the recently added tapper, click on minus(-).
        – Click on the up directed arrow for up/down OR vice versa scroll.
        – On tapping on hand icon you can set curve scroll.
        – Tap on invisible eye content icon to invisible or visible target point.
        – By tapping zoom In/Out the control bar gets Minimize/Maximize.
        – Click on cross icon to end event.
        – Tap on save icon to save Configure Auto Clickers.

        auto clicker img4

        Auto Clicker & Swipe app requires overlay permission and accessibility permission to serve its purpose.
        Click on the Enable options to bring the functionalities of Single target, Multiple targets, and Swipe target in action. Smart Clicker app has an easy-to-use functionality.

        Auto Clicker app presents a professional theme along with modern and latest material design. Auto Swipe app has a straightforward GUI and offers instant click executions. Auto Swiper for Gamers app facilitates the user with Manage Configuration feature.
        Auto Swapper app is a lightweight application, will not drain the device memory, battery, or other resources. Auto Clicker & Swipe app is compatible with almost all screen resolutions of Android mobile and tablet devices.

        auto clicker img3

        Advantages of Auto Clicker & Swipe app:
        – Free to install.
        – 100% offline app.
        – Quick installation process.
        – Small size app.
        – Easy to understand.
        – Simple and pleasant theme.
        – Easy-to-use functionality.
        – Configure Auto Clicker is the best option for click games & gamers.

        Knock! Knock!
        What are you thinking? Grab the feature-rich Auto Clicker & Swipe app!
        Hurry!!! Install the Auto Clicker for Gamers app for FREE! NOW!!!

      Auto Clicker: Automatic Tap & Swipe

      You are playing a game with repetitive actions.
      Are you looking for an automatic tap tool to help you handle that action?
      Our Auto Clicker app will help you do just that. Just a few simple steps. Let’s find out with us now!

      The best Auto Clicker app that Automatic Tap & Swipe, saves your time, easy to use and totally FREE

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        **Features of Auto Clicker app>/b>

        ✓ Create multiple clicks at the same time, the time of operations such as automatic click, tap, swipe, delay measured in ms

        auto clicker img

        ✓ Save Gestures – You can easily save your gestures for later use without having to reinstall them

        auto clicker img

        ✓ Record and Replay: Record your touches and replay them. This recording can be edited freely, mixed and matched in any order, played at different speeds and intervals. You can even randomize every touch point in it.

        auto clicker img

        ✓ Convenient two-finger tap, swipe and zoom gestures for many in-game operations

        auto clicker img

        ✓ Simple interface, easy to use

        auto clicker img

        ✓ New interface that allows you to stop, pause or resume the script at any time

        auto clicker img

        ✓ You can adjust the size and opacity of the operator interface
        ✓ Set click parameters individually, such as delay, touch duration, and number of repetitions

        auto clicker img

        ✓ It can save/load scripts
        ✓ Tailored to your language makes it easier to use
        ✓ No Root

        *Control buttons*
        – Recoding Gestures
        – Pinch Gestures
        – Spread Gestures
        – Swipe Gestures
        – Click Gestures
        – Delete a Gesture
        In addition, there are basic control buttons such as save, hide, go back, …

        – Only support Android 7.0 and up
        – System alert window permission
        – Accessibility service

        Install Auto Clicker: Automatic Tap & Swipe App now and you will be free with the automatic tap & swipe :-)**

      Ultimate Clicker – Auto Clicker

      Ultimate Clicker is an easy to use and powerful tool that helps you perform any click, swipe, zoom in, and zoom out gestures repetitively. It’s totally FREE. You can also customize delay time, loops, and duration for each gesture to perform more complex tasks.

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        🔸 Easy to use

        auto clicker img

        🔸 No Root access required

        auto clicker img

        🔸 Lightweight app size

        auto clicker img

        🔸 Comprehensive gestures that cover all you need

        auto clicker img

        🔸 Save and load configurations

        auto clicker img

        🔸 Import and export configurations between different devices

        auto clicker img

        🔸 Unlimited number of configurations and gestures

        🔸 Customize delay time, loops, and duration for each gesture

        auto clicker img

        🔸 Lock mode can prevent any unwanted or accident changes to each gesture
        🔸 Add random time delay and shifting coordinates for advanced uses

        auto clicker img

        🔸 Advanced Editor provides more features: Find an action, start script from a specific action, group actions, move actions, bulk action settings
        🔸 Style Settings comes in three themes and a transparency adjustment

        System requirement:
        🔸 Android 7.0+
        🔸 Accessibility permission
        🔸 Draw overlay permission

        Install Ultimate Clicker now and start enjoying it!

        Here’s what you need to know about the update.

        – Bug fix – copying configuration should carry overwrite mode

        – Bug fix – start/stop should remain the collapsible panel state

      Auto Clicker – Super Fast Clicker

      Auto Clicker Application click automatically with perfect time duration through this smart Auto Clicker Application – Automatic Tap, Easy Touch app. Auto Clicker application provide users to make Easy Tap or Touch with perfect time duration on mobile screen through Button. Play any game with perfect timing without your finger touch through this Auto Tapping application. No limit to get click point to tap the mobile screen at any place.

      Auto Clicker Application – Automatic Tap or Touch on mobile screen, Easy Touch allows users to set option with easily users can set perfect timing of Clicks Counts. Be a smart device and game player with our one and only Super Fast Tapping app. Use Auto Clicker anytime anywhere without paying any little amount, It is easy and simple to set duration and play or pause with your choice via Auto Clicker Application Smart Touch App.

      Fast Tapping Features of Auto Clicker Application

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        Use while you are playing a game

        auto clicker img

        Use it while you need to continue clicks

        auto clicker img

        Easy to move Float with free finger touch

        auto clicker img

        Smooth UI design

        auto clicker img

        Simple to use

        auto clicker img

        Specify a Click duration
        Use anytime

        Thank you

      Touch Macro Pro – Auto Touch

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        It is an application that makes a touch action as a macro and plays it repeatedly. You can compare images and touch faster than hands.
        If you enable the Android Developer option, it is possible to record finger movements. There is a free trial period and you can use it for free after you subscribe.

        This app requires accessibility. On Android 7.0 and later, please enable accessibility permission.
        For Android 7.0 and lower, you must select Developer option or Root permission.

        If you want to use it in a computer virtual machine, please select an emulator.


        Burn-in may occur if the smartphone is turned on for a long time. To prevent burn-in, enable the “Hide pop-up window while replaying” option.

      Quick Trigger Auto Clicker – Use Volume Keys

      auto clicker img

      Do you need fast clicking for your game, but only at specific moments? Then Quick Trigger Auto Clicker is the auto clicker for you! The app lets you quickly trigger auto clicking in any game using the Volume Up and Volume Down keys. Trigger any action repeatedly by pressing the volume buttons! No more trying to quickly hit an auto clickers’s overlay button, when every millisecond counts! The clicking speed can be as high as 1000 clicks/sec. This requires no root access or activation via a PC.

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        NOTE: Due to limitiations in Android’s accessibility framework, a click triggered by the volume keys will interrupt any ongoing manual touch gesture. This means that the app doesn’t work in games where you need to keep the other finger on the screen for movement while triggering an action (as in a typical shooter).

        auto clicker img

        Quick Trigger Auto Clicker offers a floating control panel to conveniently configure volume button triggering for your game. Simply place click cursor widgets on your game’s on-screen controls: holding down a volume button will then trigger that game button, at a frequency that you select.

        auto clicker img

        NOTE TO XIAOMI USERS: If you cannot open the settings window after the latest MIUI update, go to Settings > Manage Apps > Quick Trigger Auto Clicker > App Permissions, and enable “Display pop-up windows while running in the background”

        Problems/suggestions? Please email me at

        This app uses Accessibility services. Accessibility is used to detect when the volume buttons are pressed on your device, and to perform touch gestures on behalf of the user. It is not used to see what you type. Quick Trigger Auto Clicker does not collect or share any of your personal information with third parties.