Month: October 2021

Key Auto Clicker

Key Auto Clicker is an operating software that enables automatic clicking, which you can use in special environments or for those with crippling abilities, allowing you to understand its functions and options by clicking or gesturing with a touch… For those who want to know, hurry up and try it!

What are the advantages of the button auto clicker app.

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    1, support the service of automatic click, whether it is a single machine, or all kinds of double click can meet everyone.

    2, can support the operation of recording gestures it, so that you open the phone becomes more convenient oh.

    3, can help you to carry out a variety of touch operations, and many long press function oh.

    How about the key auto clicker app.

    1, support click, double click, slide, long press.

    2、Record gestures, you can easily record your own gestures.

    1. Set any parameters of the click, such as the delay of a single click, the length of the touch, the number of repetitions.

    What are the highlights of the button auto clicker app.

    1, is a mobile phone auto clicker software that implements simulated clicks, continuous clicker, replaces both hands and assists you in clicking on the desktop of your mobile phone screen.

    2、Users are able to use the software to replace their hands and go for quick clicks, the software is easy to operate and has practical functions.

    3、Save in real time, reuse and share with friends with one click.

    What are the functions of the keystroke auto clicker.

    1、Suitable for people with disabilities, simple interface easy to use.

    2、Automatic clicker to help you complete the work that needs to be repeatedly clicked.

    3、Autoswipe to help you swipe across the screen automatically.

    4、Automatic fast clicker, ten times faster than hand clicking!

    An auto-click tool launched to assist the touchy-feely game box together to help you get rid of your hands.

    Complete with intelligent clicks, you can also set the frequency, very practical, simulated clicks of the mobile phone auto clicker software.

    Can be used for batch automation testing, assisting people with impairments to use the phone.

I auto clicker

iClicker is a very useful app, simple to operate, easy to set up to start continuous clicking, easy to free users’ hands, whether it is to read the web, or play games, just set up continuous clicking, you can not use your hands, make your life easier, I believe you will love this very useful software! Features Description

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    1, Super convenient and fast beautiful and generous script page.

    2, i clicker supports Chinese reading scripts, easy to get started.

    3、With quick setting function, you can set the global click interval, touch length, repeat times.

    4、It is quite helpful for clicker type games.

    Basic introduction

    iClicker is a mobile phone clicking tool that provides users with automatic screen clicking, sliding gesture settings and other operations, very convenient and practical, no need to Root the phone. iClicker is a mobile phone automatic continuous clicker that helps you automatically click the screen, support gesture recording, multi-function key support, parameter settings are very rich, can help you easily complete all kinds of mobile phone continuous click operation, free your hands.


    1、Grabbing point and colour more accurate, is a good helper for developers interface customization;

    2, super convenient and beautiful script interface customization function, let developers love MQ language;

    3, i clicker has a lot of help for a variety of click-based games, simple and efficient.

    i clicker this app is very practical, simple operation, easy to set up can start continuous click, easy to free the hands of users, whether it is to read the web, or play games, as long as set up continuous click, you can not use your hands, let your life become more relaxed, I believe you will love this very practical software!

Capture & Auto-Touch: This is a utility for people with disabilities – Macros, Auto Mouse, Auto Clicker, Auto Remote Control, Image Analysis Auto Clicker

In contrast to other similar applications, it analyses the screen to find out where it needs to be touched. It also reuses repetitive actions through the concept of grouping and target binding for easy set up and use. When defined images appear on the screen, it compares and analyses them, and if they match, they are automatically touched. The user can save specific sections through the capture system and when the saved images are played back on screen, the images are analysed and automatically touched when matched. The user can also easily and conveniently adjust the part of the image to be captured and, after image matching and analysis, freely set the automatic touch point. The capture screen can be executed when the user needs it and it is saved as a still image rather than a captured video clip. The application has three targets – normal target, swipe target and capture target. A normal target is a touch on a specific point and a swipe target is a swipe from left to right or up and down the screen. A capture target can be automatically touched when it matches a user defined image displayed on the screen. To create a capture target;

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      1. press the Start button on the screen
      2. The overlay menu pops up
      3. click on the square shape in the overlay menu
      4. Select the desired image from the real device
      5. Press the Confirm button on the pop-up window Then the capture target is generated.

      A group is a collection of targets. The user needs to arrange the targets and then save them as a group. The user can create different groups and the targets can be called out to specific groups. If the user needs to repeat a task, group the targets together and then play them back by calling up the group. Create a normal group to call out targets as it can call out this group and other groups. When a capture target misses a match, the user can call up the specific group. After a successful match, the user can add more general targets to bring up another group. When the user plays back, it can display the group currently set in the overlay menu. When a group of targets is running, if the target is activated to bring up another group, it will run the other group first and then go back to the original group to run. For example, there are targets A, B and C in group 1 and targets D, E and F in group 2. If target B is set to call out group 2, the running order will be; Target A – Target B – Target D – Target E – Target F – Target C If target C is called out as set in group 1 above, the above operations will be performed without interruption.

      Targets can be set for a waiting time before touch or a period of time after touch. and targets can be arranged by selecting large and small shapes starting from the edge of the screen.

Auto Clicker and League of Heroes Mobile Games

auto clicker 01

Since its launch, League of Heroes Mobile, the world’s most popular MOBA classic, has attracted a large number of players from all over the world to participate in the game.

However, compared to similar MOBAs, League of Heroes Mobile is more difficult to play and requires a certain level of skill, so many first-time players need a lot of time to practice in order to improve their skills in a short time. However, with auto clicker, which has been developed specifically for gamers, it is possible to reduce the difficulty of the game so that players can play at a very high level without having to practice for a long time.

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    auto clicker

    The auto clicker is not required to rotate your phone, it can be downloaded and installed directly, so you don’t have to worry about being detected when using it in conjunction with games or other software, because the basic principle of auto clicker is to record your normal gestures, customise the speed and time intervals of the steps and then perform them automatically.

    auto clicker 03

    The auto clicker is more stable and feature-rich than traditional clickers, with unique screen recognition and button recognition, allowing it to be adapted to more complex scenarios. For example, in League of Heroes Mobile Games auto clicker can identify whether a character’s skills have finished cooling down and thus determine the timing of the skill release. You can release all your skills instantly with a single click.

    auto clicker 04

    More details on how to use auto clicker can be found in the tutorial, which can be downloaded and viewed by the user. You can also combine it with other games or mobile apps to create more creative ways to play.

    Click Assistant Auto Clicker Recorder

    auto clicker 01

    It can help you out from repetitive work and free your hands.

    It’s very useful for auto click in your games.
    Also, you can use the swipe feature for scrolling screen when reading manga, comic, newspaper,…
    And many things which can be automated by Auto Clicker, It’s just depend on your creativity
    More away, you can save your actions with your custom setting parameter as script for later using.

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      auto clicker 02

      – The friendly user interface, easy to use
      – Support multiple click points, multiple swipes

      auto clicker 03

      – Have a global timer to run for a certain amount of time
      – Can Import/Export automatic scripts

      auto clicker 04

      Install Auto Clicker now and you will be free with the automatic tap 🙂

      Android Auto Clicker – A fool-proof mobile scripting tool

      auto clicker 01

      Auto-Tapper is an Android app that helps you to tap the screen automatically, without root, visually, without scripting, ready to use, with a variety of operations and combinations such as tap, long press, drag, etc.

      It can be used for a wide range of click-based games. IDLE games such as Crazy Click are simple and efficient.

      Auto Clicker helps you to click on the screen automatically. You can easily add click positions and set click speeds.
      Similar to Keystroke Wizard.

      Scripts on Keystroke Wizard can be exported with one click, making [mobile apps easier to use share more simple and powerful grabbing tools.

      Point-and-click more accurate, a good helper for developers interface customisation.

      auto-clicker super convenient and beautiful script interface customization function, so that developers love the MQ language.

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        auto clicker 03

        continuous click feature helps you to easily achieve rapid continuous click script export function in a short period of time.

        Automatic red packet grabbing, single grabbing, train ticket grabbing, automatic check-in, likes and other assistance are all out of the question.

        It helps Android users to free their hands and set the frequency of clicks easily.

        One click to set the operation command, provide you with the perfect click effect.

        Small size does not occupy your phone memory, effective for various games or application assistance.

        Easy full-screen start-up clicking

        Set the click position freely online, the app is also suitable for different resolutions.

        Real-time settings for phone click frequency, finger press time, finger flick time settings (not normally used) and much more.

        Auto Clicker reliably clicks on any selected position on your screen at the intervals you set.

        Auto Clicker does not require root access and can be used with full screen applications.

        If you need to keep a certain game on, or need to tap the same button repeatedly, or need to tap the screen as quickly as possible… we can help you do it.

        Auto Clicker: Automatic click, tap, swipe

        auto clicker 01

        NO ROOT REQUIRE!!!
        Auto Clicker application helps you automate clicks, swipes, and touches

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          auto clicker 02

          Auto click
          Automatically perform a click anywhere on the screen continuously or according to a preset number of times

          auto clicker 03

          Auto swipe
          Automatically swipe up, down, left, right… in all directions, suitable for reading newspapers, surfing the web, social networks, playing games

          auto clicker 04

          2 MODE:
          Single target
          Make a single click point

          Sequentially perform flexible clicks and swipes

          auto clicker 05

          – The friendly user interface, easy to use
          – Support multiple click points, multiple swipes
          – Multiple customization

          – Require Accessibility service and System Overlay Window to work.

          Thanks for using Auto Clicker, please send you feedback bellow!

          Auto Clicker – Click Assistant

          auto clicker 01

          Auto Clicker helps you do repeated tapping games at any location & any interval you specify
          It is great for click/flicker games, atuo clicker for games
          It helps you do repetitive work so you can have extra time to do other things

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            auto clicker 02

            Feature App :
            – Auto Clicker : Auto tapper does NOT require root access, oneclick to login
            – Any click point can be added to the screen via the floating control panel
            – The friendly user interface, easy to use auto tapper Cliker & auto assistant
            – Support multiple click points, finger tap, multiple swipes as atuo clicker for roblox
            – Separately set the parameters of the clicks, such as delay, touch duration and number of repetitions, auto refresh

            auto clicker 03

            – Have a global timer to run for a certain amount of time
            – Can Import/Export automatic scripts
            – The new interface allows you to stop, pause or resume the script at any time, auto assistant
            – Features coming soon : Auto Clicker For roblox & cookie Cliker etc.

            auto clicker 04

            Install Atuo Clicker – Auto tapper now and you will be free with the automatic tap, autoclicker, start saving your time today

            auto clicker 05

            – Only support Android 7.0 and up.
            – Require Accessibility service to work.


            The most powerful auto clicker ever

            auto clicker

            auto clicker is a software that is dedicated to improving the gaming and heavy mobile phone user’s experience, it includes all the functions of the same type of software available on the market and is simpler, more convenient and more powerful, with a series of more advanced functions such as mobile phone screen recognition, software button recognition, colour recognition, etc., specially designed for special users. The user experience is greatly enhanced, saving time and increasing efficiency.

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              1 Colour recognition, the ability to recognise the colour of any area of the phone screen and click on it.

              The system can automatically recognise the colour change before and after the button and click on it automatically.

              2 Screen recognition, recognises all the photos that appear on the phone screen and clicks on them.

              When browsing videos or web pages, it can recognise the video cover or article illustration on the screen according to the pre-set script and then use it with other functions to complete the likes, favorites, retweets or comments, some operations can be performed automatically by setting the script in advance.

              1. Button recognition, recognise the position of the buttons on the phone screen and click on them according to your needs.

              Use scenarios, identify the clickable buttons on the current screen and add them to the script to achieve precise clicks without worrying about the position of the button changing each time it is repeated.

              We also have many other features that can be combined with each other to create different creative ways to play with your phone, so look forward to more people joining us and creating new ways to play with your phone.


            tap tap breaking is a clicker game, the player controls the character by clicking to break the props to get experience and gold to complete the upgrade. Now we can use auto clicker to operate the game, which greatly simplifies the operation process and saves a lot of time for the player, and the whole process is easy and simple by setting up the script in advance to achieve the hang-up self-running. auto clicker is perfectly suited to click. The following is a demonstration of how auto clicker automates the tap tap breaking game

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                1. open auto clicker and authorize, please make sure to open the permission before returning to the home page to continue the operation, to avoid problems such as automatic closure, stuck in the process of running.
                2. return to the phone desktop, let auto clicker keep in the day after running state
                3. open the game tap tap breaking.
                4. Wake up the auto clicker menu bar in the game operation interface, click start recording, record the game operation packing and click save.
                5. Open the recorded game operation script, select detailed settings, adjust the interval time of each operation step and click save.
                6. Open the recorded script in the game and click Run to realize auto run.

                auto clicker is a professional cell phone assistant software, almost applicable to all Android cell phones and mobile applications, can maximize your cell phone experience, improve your game experience and work efficiency, welcome to download and install!