Month: November 2021

Screen clicker free version is an automatic screen clicking aid that can replace your hands

Screen clicker free version is an automatic screen clicking aid that can replace your hands. Screen clicker app on the user can freely set the way to click, a key to quickly get started, automatic execution, screen clicker is suitable for multiple scenarios.

Software Description

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    Screen clicker free version has a lot of help for various clicking games. Like Crazy Click, Click Titan and other IDLE type games, simple and efficient. Screen clicker app supports various gestures such as single tap on screen, multi-tap cycle tap, tap plus swipe combination. The free version of Screen Clicker can be used for scenarios where the phone is repetitive.

    Screen Clicker


      No root access, automatic screen tapping, similar to Keystroke Wizard

      A magic tool for grabbing orders, assisting and automating operations, freeing your hands from now on

      Click speed, touch duration, position offset (anti-detection), start delay, etc. can be set

      Scripts can be saved for next time use

    Software features

      Quick start, one click; no ROOT required and can be used for global applications.

      Continuous click acceleration, automatic execution; record click or swipe operations at any time, freeing the user’s hands and enabling continuous click acceleration, easy to set click frequency and time interval.

      Real-time saving and reuse; save the tap script after recording and come back to it next time so that you don’t need to re-record it the next time you use it.

      Gesture recording with various functions; you can record a variety of gestures, supporting single click, multi-point cycle, slide combination and other irregular gestures.

      Quick setup, multiple controls; you can set multiple clicks, and set the order of clicks, time interval and number of repetitions.

Full Power Tap

Full Power Tap app is a good mobile phone automatic click tool, full power tap app is powerful, support automatic click, continuous click, you can customize the speed and number of clicks, experience automatic operation, very convenient.

Software Introduction

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    Full Tap is the latest mobile phone operation aid, providing a variety of gesture combinations such as tap, swipe and multi-tap operations, you can freely set the tap position, tap speed and number of taps, it is an indispensable essential tool in your mobile phone.

      Are you chagrined that you can’t swipe Shake while washing dishes? Are you unable to achieve the quick change of King because of your slow hand speed? Now, leave all these problems to Full Power Tap!

    Full Power Tap

    Software features

      1. Support add click, slide, multi-point operation

      2. You can save the operation points you set, set once, use forever

      3. You can set the position of each operation point, the delay time and the number of operations at will.

    Software highlights

      1. Automatic click operation, easy to customize

      2、Make mobile phone operation easier and more convenient

      3. Powerful function, bring you more convenience

All-in-One Clicker

All-in-One Clicker app is a keystroke wizard app for mobile phones. Users can add the corresponding auto-click operation steps to the All-in-One Clicker app and save the whole operation process to make the phone click automatically.

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    Software Description

    All-in-One Clicker is a clicker for your Android phone, also known as an automatic clicker. All-in-One Clicker replaces your hands and assists you in clicking on the desktop of your phone screen, achieving 200 clicks in 1 second. All-in-One Clicker app does the repetitive work for you, so you have extra time to do other things!

    All-in-One Clicker

    Software Highlights

    • Simple and easy to use interface
    • Auto-click to help you do tasks that require repetitive clicking
    • Auto swipe to help you swipe around the screen automatically
    • Automatic fast clicker, 10 times faster than hand clicking!
    • Support for clicking, double clicking, swiping, long pressing
    • Recording gestures – you are able to record your own gestures easily.
    • Arbitrary setting of click parameters, such as delay of a single click, length of touch, number of repetitions
    • Save in real time, reuse and share with friends with one click
    • Countdown timer alert
    • No need to root
    • All-in-One Clicker app is suitable for people with disabilities.

    Software features

    1、you can record the corresponding operation steps here and you can then save the operation process.

    2、Support facilities corresponding to the click parameters, such as: delay, touch duration, number of repetitions, etc..

    3、The click steps recorded in the All-in-One Clicker app can be saved directly for the user’s future use.

Toucher is a good automatic clicker software

Toucher is a good automatic clicker software, toucher is powerful, support continuous click mode, toucher multiple gestures can choose, support a variety of apps, can save the script, one key to start, toucher is easy to operate, manual key wizard.

Software introduction

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     It is an automatic clicker that allows you to customise the content of your clicks, supports tap, longan, swipe, home and task recording.


    Software Features

      Multiple gestures, supports all apps

      Save scripts and start with one click

      Easy to use, mobile keystroke wizard

      Support complex scenarios, multi-tasking sequential execution

    Software features

      Clicker, start playing now

      An automatic clicker that simulates clicking on your mobile phone

      A double clicker that replaces your hands and helps you click on the desktop of your mobile phone

      Touchtone – a button clicker

    Software features

      * Supports click, double click, swipe, long press

      * Record gestures – you are able to record your own gestures easily

      * Set the parameters of the click at will, such as the delay of a single tap, the length of the touch, the number of repetitions

      * Save in real time, reuse and share with friends with one click

      * Countdown timer reminder

      * Suitable for people with disabilities.

      * Simple and easy to use interface

      * Auto-tap to help you with tasks that require repeated taps

      * Auto swipe to help you swipe around the screen automatically

      * Automatic quick connecter, ten times faster than hand tapping!

Genie Auto Clicker

Genie Auto Clicker app is a good auto clicker tool, no need to root, free your hands, Genie Auto Clicker can automatically simulate click gestures, support shopping platform to grab coupons, you can customize the parameters, very convenient.

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    Basic introduction

      Wizard Auto Clicker app, a free clicker for mobile phones, customizable to click on the phone screen, easy to use, set parameters online, simulate all kinds of clicks, gestures, phone buttons, make the phone more convenient to use.

    Wizard Auto Clicker

    Software features

      1、Free your hands

      No need to ROOT, automatic execution

      2、Record the screen

      Powerful continuous clicker and recorder

      3、Free setting

      Customized parameters, flexible anti-detection

      4、Hundred kinds of gestures

      Support click, gesture, phone button


      Requires Android version 7.0 and above to use.

      If you can’t click or it doesn’t work after a period of time, please find our app in your phone settings – battery power and then allow it to run in the background.


Auto Click Simulator

Auto Click Simulator app is a good auto click tool software, auto click simulator app can set auto click, free your hands, suitable for users to brush tickets, grab red packets, gun coupons use

Software Introduction

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    Auto Click Simulator is an auto clicker that records gesture and touch screen click trajectories, and is ready to install and use, freeing up your hands and helping you to grab tickets, red packets, shopping coupons and more!

    Auto Click Simulator

    Software Features

    Auto Click can set the click position, click frequency, swipe gestures and other common operations, through the recording of gestures to complete complex operations, support a variety of modes powerful; browse news and information and short video

    Entertainment content provides a combination of click gestures, sliding gestures operation, free to add click position, click speed, click frequency, easy to use, convenient operation

    Software features

      Quick recording, one click operation

      Automatic execution with continuous click acceleration

      Save and reuse at any time

      Gesture recording with various functions

    Software highlights

      Games – hang up for activities, gifts and bosses

      Applications – automatic ticketing, automatic keystrokes, click acceleration

      Shopping – grab shopping coupons, discounts and offers

      Information – watch news, short videos, novels, automatic browsing, easy to get rewards

Full Automatic Clicker

Full Automatic Clicker is a free app that allows you to set the number of clicks you want to make, and it supports multi-point simultaneous swiping and clicking. It really frees up the internet users’ hands! Supports absolutely most Android mobile devices!

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    Software Description

      The Android version of Automatic Clicker has a variety of functions, one key operation, automatic operation, parameter settings and other features, Automatic Clicker Android can help you achieve automatic mobile phone click operation, easy to use super straightforward, you can freely combine the use of Oh!

    Full Automatic Clicker

    Software highlights

      1、Parameter setting: you can set the click frequency you want.

      2、Single click: you can click hundreds of times per second.

      3、Multi-point cyclic click: multiple points can be clicked sequentially.

      4、Multi-touch click: support click plus click, click plus slide click at the same time.

    Software advantages

      1.Crazy click: hundreds of clicks per second

      2. Timed start: Timed clicks start automatically at specified times

      3. Random time: click interval, press or swipe time

      4. Multi-point click: multiple points clicked or swiped at the same time

    Software features

      1. Support online locking of click positions, the current locked position can be removed at any time.

      2. Support online modification of the click mode, you can choose the default mode or custom mode.

    1. Support online modification of click waiting time, number of times, press duration and other click settings.
    2. Support online setting of timed start, start step, cycle times and other setting contents.
    3. Support online browsing operation tutorial content, start learning how to complete all the operations.
    4. Support online save configuration management, click the button to put away or expand the operation console.

    Software Features

      Automatic clicker is an automatic clicker without ROOT permission, and the software is ad-free to make you feel more comfortable using it.

      The software can replace our finger operation, automatically click the screen, completely free your hands.

      The interface is simple and you can easily add click positions, set click types, click speeds and more. It is a very convenient and easy to use app for mobile phones.

      After walking through a sea of flowers and a forest (and using other clickers), you’ll end up staying here!

    How to use

      1. Click on the hoverbox permission on the app home page – open the hoverbox permission; then click on the accessibility permission, find the fully automatic clicker in the auxiliary function and open it

      2. Go back to the app home page and click on open auto click to open the console.

      3. According to your needs, you can click to add the back button, desktop key, click, slide, multi-point operations, drag each operation point to adjust the position, click the operation point, you can open the parameter setting dialog box, according to their needs to set.

      4. Click on “Hide” in the console to hide all the action points added, which will not affect the execution of the action points.

      5. Click on “Start” in the console to start the automatic operation.

      6. Click on “Save” in the console to save all the control points you have added. When saving, you can select the associated application, so that the next time you open this configuration you can jump directly to the relevant application.

Flash Finger Tap

Flash Finger Tap is a useful tool for tapping. The app has a very powerful auto-tap function that assists users to operate their mobile phones better and improve your operation.

Software Description

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    Flash Finger Tapper is an automatic tapping app for Android users. It allows you to free your hands in front of your mobile phone and to tap automatically, so that you can stop worrying about continuous tapping and increase the efficiency of your mobile phone.

    Finger Tap

    Function introduction

    Automatic trigger for various scenarios.

    Whether it’s automatic testing or intelligent control, or simply playing a handheld game, it can easily meet your needs;

    Various scenarios.

    Simulate opening and closing the notification bar, find the WeChat icon and click on it, turn on the flash repeatedly, set the click operation freely;

    Automatic clicking, free your hands:.

    The Flash Finger Linker app supports simulated clicking, simulated long press, simulated swiping, all kinds of gestures are available.


Best for Smart Clicker

SmartConnector is a professional Android mobile connect tool, easy to use, where you can gather newbie guidance, permission management, parameter settings and interface settings, and a variety of gesture types to choose from, to help users start mobile connect service, where there are detailed instructional videos on the use of the software, you can freely set different gestures control. The Smart Clicks provides you with a convenient click and swipe operation that allows you to quickly click and swipe through videos, set the interval between clicks and swipes, set any click and swipe position, and click at a super fast speed!

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    Software features

      1、Functional options, there are a number of functional options, allowing you to better set up, and you can also choose at will.

      2, a variety of ways to play, the software is a variety of ways to play and role, is to help you better in the above, to use the app to help yourself.

      3, intelligent operation, the operation is extremely simple, but also with a key function, so you can complete the set up, you can go directly to the click.

      4、Automatic click, set up your own set of buttons, will automatically click on the above, fully automatic without the user to operate.

      5, a number of functions, no matter what software, or what applications, you can use the software clicker, open the editor can go to the automatic click.

Smart Clicker

SmartConnector app is a free and easy to use mobile connecter software, SmartConnector app does not require root to quickly connect, to participate and permission to modify the settings and management, SmartConnector app provides detailed operation tutorials and instructional videos, easy to get started.

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    Software features

      1、Set the number of points, the number of points are completely according to your own ideas to set, and is not any upper limit, want to set all less can be.

      2、Sliding operation, fast and convenient operation, when playing the game, you need to connect the dots or in a specific situation, you can use the sliding to trigger.

      3, new features, which also added the volume control game, you can go to control the volume on your own phone, to control the operation of the relevant functions.

      4, drag and drop position, you want to drag the button, drag and drop on the above, drag and drop to the button you want to drag and drop on the button can start.

      5、Tutorial videos, with advanced settings tutorials, to help those who are new to the software, you can quickly familiarise yourself with the basic operation of the software.