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Auto Clicker Android Crack is a very good mobile phone keystroke wizard auxiliary software

Auto Clicker Android Crack is a very good mobile phone keystroke wizard auxiliary software, you can set the frequency to automatically click the phone screen, free of root can be used, simple and convenient operation, crack version to lift the restrictions, come to 2265 Android download it!

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    Automatic clicker member version introduction
    Auto clicker helps you to automatically click the screen without ROOT permission. You can easily add click position and set click speed. Also supports swipe function. Auto Clicker uses the floating control panel to start/end auto clicking. You can use the control panel to add tap positions on the screen to enable auto-tap.

    Auto Clicker Crack Download

    Auto Clicker Crack Information
    Remove ads + limit of only 40 generated, only supports Android 8.0 and above

    Available for scenarios.

    1. game button assist.
    2. for the use of the shaky hands when you are tired of shaking.
    3. other applications that require tapping or cyclic tapping can also be used.

    Features of the full version of Auto Clicker
    1、It can reliably click on any selected position on your screen at the interval you set.

    2、Does not require ROOT access and can be used for full screen applications.

    3、If you need to keep a particular game on, or need to tap the same button repeatedly, or need to tap the screen as quickly as possible, it’s all there for you.

    1. The team has vowed to keep all features free. Screen Auto-Tap Assistant always offers ad-exit features at a low price and tries to make our ads as unobtrusive as possible so that everyone can use the app.

The Chinese version of the mobile phone screen clicker is a mobile phone clicker that does not require root

The Chinese version of the mobile phone screen clicker is a mobile phone clicker that does not require root. The software is easy to use and has many functions, you can complete all kinds of operations such as mobile phone screen dotter 1 second 30 times, the script can be set up by yourself, or you can directly download and use other people’s scripts, control software games and other more comfortable. If you are interested, you are welcome to download and use it.

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    Description of the root-free version

    1. It saves you the trouble of manual operation and improves the life of your phone screen.
    2. Just run the software, press the hotkey and let the program click for you automatically!
    3. You can set the interval time and the number of key clicks.

    Features of the root-free version of Connected Clicker
    Discovery function: provide you with hundreds of powerful and popular assisted and high-quality games
    Tap a little: helps you to achieve a quick and continuous click in a short time
    Recording function: it can easily simulate all the movements of your finger on the screen
    Script export function: Scripts on Keystroke Wizard can be exported with one click, making the mobile app easier to use and share
    Powerful capture tool: the keystroke capture tool is a great help for developers.
    Interface customisation: Keystroke Wizard’s super convenient and beautiful scripting interface customisation makes it easy for developers to use.

auto clicker

Application Description.
Mouse Warrior – Auto-Tap is an application that automatically taps on your mobile phone screen, freeing your hands completely. Mouse Warrior – Auto Clicker has an automated clicking tool with both local and cloud-based scripts, which can be saved and enabled with one click, so you can come back and use it again next time. It also provides a variety of personalised and customised gestures to achieve complex and repetitive operations in everyday life. The user can set multiple coordinates to be clicked at the same time, and the interval and number of clicks can be set freely, making the operation very easy and convenient.

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    Functions supported.

    1. Automatic click continuous point: you can add click position, set click speed, record sliding gestures and any other operations in the application at will, and complete complex operations through the recording of gestures, supporting a variety of modes, applicable to all kinds of applications and in-game operations, playing a very good help effect, very powerful function.
    2. Picture recognition click: recognises pictures and then performs clicks and judgements
    3. Continuous click: the user can set the click speed according to the actual demand, the click speed is accurate to 1 millisecond
    4. Multi-tap: multiple taps or swipes at the same time
    5. Timed start: starts clicking automatically at a specified time
    6. Timed stop: automatically stop clicking at a specified time
    7. Random time: random click interval, press or slide time, closer to manual click, instead of the old unchanging click, effective anti-detection

    Practical scenarios.
    1、WeChat/qq quick red packet grabbing, red packet second grabbing to the account

    2、Automatically click to brush monsters in the game, hanging operation to fight bosses, the whole process is completed automatically, no manual operation

    3、Video, circle of friends, live platform likes, fast click, simple and efficient

    4、Grab single, grab shopping coupons, grab train tickets, automatic sign-in, etc.

    5、Watching news, reading novels, short videos automatically click to refresh, the whole process of automatic browsing page turning

Mouse Warrior mobile version Introduction

Mouse Warrior is an official mouse clicker software for Android mobile phone users, Android users can automatically click the software through Mouse Warrior mobile version, humanized mouse clicker settings, one key to achieve automatic click operation, mobile phone Root users must mouse clicker software, download and experience it!

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    Mouse Warrior mobile version Introduction.
    Mouse Warrior mouse clicker is a really good and zero bad reviews mouse mini clicker software, easy to set up, powerful. Just set your desired mouse click, click interval and function hotkeys, and the program will complete the automatic click operation.

    Instructions for using the latest version of Mouse Warrior

    Step 1

    Click on the start button and move the “1” to the position on the screen where you want to click, as shown in the example

    Step 2

    [Click on the Add button in the bottom menu and move “2” to the desired location on the screen.
    Step 3

    Click the “Run” button to start the click; you can stop the click by using the small floating layer on the right

    Mouse Warrior Mobile features.
    [Click type selectable

    Supports both left and right mouse clicks

    Different needs

    Variety of click events

    0.01-10 seconds to choose from

    100 clicks per second

    Hotkeys are faster

    Hotkeys can be used according to your habits

    Free up your hands by selecting the bottom of the hotkeys

    Visualisation of running status

    Start, progress and finish bubble alerts

    The current status can be seen at a glance

    Product Advantages
    “No Ads” No commercial ads

    “Recorded Gestures” Quickly record gestures and generate scripts easily

    “Smart Display” Smart display of relevant trigger points, so that the screen is not confusing

    “Quick Setup” Smart parameter recommendation, one click to set gesture related properties “Save Script” Quickly save script, easily switch script cycle

    “Batch Setting” Batch modifying all gesture properties, quick and easy to change

    “Hide Trigger Point” supports hiding the trigger point UI, giving the screen a clean and fresh look “Tutorial System” a comprehensive tutorial system, so you not only know how to use it but also understand its principles

    “Customer service support” online customer service, highly active communication group, someone to solve problems at any time

    “Minimised panel” can be retracted and only the start loop button can be retained to avoid affecting regular operations

    “Visualisation” All trigger points are displayed visually, so you can drag them around and set parameters freely. Full screen support, no dead space for gesture simulation

    “Multiple gestures: tap, long press, continuous tap, multi-tap, swipe, free swipe, drag and drop, etc.

Maruko Tapbox app

Maruko Tapbox app will free your hands and protect your phone, automatically help you to complete the operation of continuous tapping, suitable for a variety of small games, small red packets and other content, customize the way to tap, frequency and so on easy to set, very simple, download Maruko Tapbox app and start to experience!

Maruko Connect Tap (Android auto clicker without root)

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    Introduction of Maruko Dot Repeater
    Maruko Tapbox is a handheld tapbox app that focuses on placement games.

    You can set your own parameters, and automatically click to get gold and other props, stable and smooth to use.

    Highlights of Maruko Dot Com software
    It is an automatic execution software that supports ROOT-free, aiming to reduce the user’s repeated operations or clicks on the phone and achieve the function of one-click straight.

    For example, if you combine several actions to open your circle of friends into a “one click to visit your circle of friends” automation, then you will only need to manually click on this automation every day and can quickly open your circle of friends without having to click on repeated actions.

    In addition, the software also allows for more interesting functions.

    For example, it can be used to simulate clicking on the interface of a game or advertisement, to automate software testing, to assist the elderly or children to use the phone quickly, to perform functions set by the user at regular intervals, etc.

    Related news
    MaruZi Clicker app is a mobile phone software that provides users with continuous clicking services, users will not have a lag in the process of clicking, the important thing is that it can also help users automatically click to receive a variety of gift packs, coins and props, etc., very good, not only that users can also use this software to play games in the process of clicking!

The free rooted version of the mobile phone clicker

The free rooted version of the mobile phone clicker is a very good clicker specifically for those who like to hang up games and second snatching, helping you to quickly complete their repetitive tools, greatly relieving your work content, I believe that many of you will like it very much, hurry to download the latest mobile phone clicker free rooted version to experience it!

Mobile Connecting Dots Free

Basic introduction
It is a tool based on Android to imitate clicking on the screen of a mobile phone in a ROOT-free situation, and can be used to stop automated testing in bulk, assist people with disabilities to use the phone, and trigger continuous clicking on the phone with one click.

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    Software features

    1. In online games, you can use your mobile phone to create scripts for auto-fighting, auto-blooding, auto-talking and other functions.
    2. office homes can use the Button Wizard to automate data conversions between forms, automatic document formatting, article layout, and automatic sending and receiving of emails.
    3. using the Button Wizard to automatically open and check web links, literature searches and repeat data collection
    4. Any computer operation can be done with both hands on the front of the computer.

    Software features
    Built-in scripting toolbox, providing you with ready-made free and practical mobile scripting assistance

    Point and click function, helping you to easily achieve rapid successive clicks in a short period of time

    Script export function, scripts on Keystroke Wizard can be exported with one click

    A powerful tool to make mobile apps easier to use and share, with a more accurate point-and-click tool, a great helper for developers

    Interface customisation: Keystroke Wizard’s super convenient and beautiful scripting interface customisation feature

    The MQ language is a new scripting language designed by Keystroke Wizard for its mobile products. The language supports full Chinese script reading and is easy to learn and use.

    Update Notes
    [New] support for control operations, solving the adaptation problem.

    [New] support for traversing lists to like or comment.

    [New] enhanced version with support for multiple operations.

    [new] support for the constraint role of accessible villains.

    [new] support for four top-level alert modes.

    [New] no pop-up for the share function after invoking a system screenshot.

    [New] added empty command operation.

    [New] support for multiple conditions and non-free combinations.

    [New] added grouping to support backup and restore.

    [new] support for masking all previous or subsequent operations.

    [New] support for unblocking all blocked operations.

    [new] support for copying operations to the clipboard.

Mobile Phone Clicker

It is a very powerful and useful tool for mobile phones, a very useful assistant for automatic screen clicking. When we are playing a game there are some tasks that need to be clicked all the time, you can use this software, and hanging and other tasks can use this software is very convenient, interested in friends hurry to download and use it!

Mobile Phone Clicker (screen auto click assistant)

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    Introduction of mobile phone clicker software
    Automatic clicker, ten times faster than hand clicking! Automatic clicker, mobile phone screen automatic clicker, automatic clicker without root, easy to achieve automatic screen clicker.

    It can replace your hands and assist you in clicking on the desktop of your mobile phone screen, which can achieve 200 clicks in 1 second.

    It can achieve similar functions as Script Wizard and Taser. You can set the click position, click frequency, swipe gestures and other operations at will. Suitable for people with disabilities.

    We support various gestures such as single tap on the screen, multi-tap cycle tap, tap plus swipe combination. The recorder also allows you to complete complex operations by means of gesture recording.

    Features of the mobile phone serial tapper software
    Implement similar functions as Script Wizard, Auto Answer, Auto Grab, Auto Refresh, Auto Keystroke, Auto Tap, Auto Wizard, Auto Keyboard, Auto Add Friend, Taser, etc. You can set any operation such as click position, click frequency, swipe gesture, etc. Suitable for people with disabilities.

    We support various gestures such as single tap on screen, multi-tap cycle tap, tap plus swipe combination. The recorder also allows you to complete complex operations by means of gesture recording.

    Features of the mobile phone serial tap recorder software
    Script export function, scripts can be exported in one click

    Interface customisation: super convenient and beautiful script interface customisation

    Point and click function, helping you to achieve quick and continuous clicking in a short time easily

    Built-in scripting toolbox, providing you with ready-made free and practical mobile scripting assistance

    A powerful tool that makes it easy to use and share your mobile apps, with more accurate point-and-click functionality, making it a great tool for developers


Full Automatic Clicker Root Free

How to click two points at the same time
1、Support online setting of timed start, start step, number of cycles and other setting contents.

2、Support online modification of click waiting time, number of times, press length and other click settings.

3、Support online browsing operation tutorial content, start learning how to complete all operations.

4、Support online modification of the click mode, you can choose the default mode or custom mode.

5、Support online save configuration management, click the button to put away or expand the operation console.

6、Support online lock click position, you can remove the current locked position at any time.

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    Automatic clicker how to press several at the same time
    1、Click “Save” on the console to save all the currently added control points, save the associated application, the next time you open this configuration can jump directly to the relevant application.

    2, back to the app home page click to open the automatic click, open the console.

    3、According to your needs, you can click to add back keys, desktop keys, click, slide, multi-point operations, drag each operation point to adjust the position, click the operation point, you can open the parameter setting dialog box, according to their needs to set.

    4、Click “Hide” on the console to hide all the action points added, which will not affect the execution of the action points.

    5、Click on the hoverbox permission on the app home page – open the hoverbox permission; then click on the accessibility permission, find the fully automatic clicker in the auxiliary function and open it.

    6、Click “Start” on the console to start the automatic operation.

This is a very good mobile phone clicker that requires no root and no payment.

Full Automatic Clicker Root Free

Introduction Full Automatic Clicker for Android has a variety of functions, one key operation, automatic operation, parameter setting and other features, Full Automatic Clicker for Android can help you to realize the mobile phone automatic click operation, easy to use super straightforward, you can freely combine the use of Oh!

Full Auto Clicker Root Free

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    Automatic clicker root-free version features 1、Multi-touch click: support click plus click, click plus slide at the same time click.

    2、Parameter setting: you can set the click frequency you want.

    3、Multi-point cyclic click: multiple points are cyclic clicked in turn.

    4、Single click: several hundred clicks per second.

    Full Automatic Clicker Root Free

    Highlights of Fully Automatic Clicker Root Free 1、Random time: click interval, press or slide time

    2、Multi-point click: multiple points are clicked or swiped at the same time

    3、Timed start: start clicking automatically at a specified time

    4、Crazy click: hundreds of clicks per second

Auto Clicker – Free Aids Introduction

The Faitian assistant auto clicker app area has uploaded a variety of auto clickers for auto clicker needs, this site provides auto clicker download, fully functional and free forever! The free version of this auto clicker for Android supports multiple functions such as auto hang click, auto record script, auto get signpost, etc. For more quality free clickers, please download Feitian Assistant for more details.

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    Fei Tian Assistant provides a variety of high quality auto clicker android free version download, synchronization unlock free root hand game auxiliary gods red finger cloud mobile phone download, android free root, ios free jailbreak support auto clicker android 24 hours fully automatic hanging machine running!

    Auto clicker – free auxiliary function
    Currently, the Flying Assistant Auto-Clicker software fully meets the needs of players, this Auto-Clicker Android free version supports features such as

    Automatic rapid succession of clicks.

    Automatic recording function.

    Automatic acquisition of user click position coordinates (multi-point acquisition supported).

    Customised click coordinates settings.

    Automatic shouting.

    Auto clicker – free auxiliary tutorial

    1. download and install the “auto clicker android free version root-free cloud hanging tool” red finger, register and login to add a cloud phone.
    2. enter the cloud phone, open the cloud desktop of the flying assistant, search for the application name “continuous clicker”, enter the automatic clicker software area,.

    Automatic clicker Android free version free root free jailbreak use tutorial – automatic clicker area

    1. Select an auto clicker and run it. In the pop-up clicker software function setting interface, set the required functions and parameters and save it.

    Note: After saving, a hover window will pop up on the right side, click on it to stop running the automatic clicker, click on it to set it up.

    Auto clicker android free version free root free jailbreak use tutorial – auto clicker function settings

    1. Open the game you need to automatically click, and login to the account, enter the game task hanging interface, click to start the flying assistant, you can fully automatic hanging click to brush the task!

    Automatic clicker – free notes
    To use this software, it is recommended that the interval between clicks be at least 1s (i.e. 1000ms) and that you do not open too much software in the background!