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MouseHit is a mouse simulator that many users use to simulate automatic mouse clicks. The user can freely customize the mouse parameters, choose the screen coordinates to get reference, the switch time of the way to stop clicking and the number of clicks in the current screen coordinate track.

Software features
Intuitive interface, very small software

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    Fast and easy to use

    Software features
    1. Get the coordinates of mouse clicks and the time delay after each click;

    2. Set the number of clicks or the start and end time;

    3. Start clicking automatically.

    Software evaluation
    Mouse click simulation tool

    Built-in mouse click coordinates and trajectory

    Support for customising mouse parameters

Ben Yuan Mouse Clicker

Ben Yuan Mouse Clicker is a free green mouse clicker tool that allows users to record their mouse movements and then record and play back the recorded actions, eliminating the need for boring repetitive mouse clicking operations.

Software Features
Simulate any mouse action by recording and playing back mouse movements

Support custom mouse coordinates, button type, click type, interval seconds, etc.

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    Support custom mouse coordinates to achieve precise positioning, a good helper for web games

    Software features
    1、Record and play pointer movement, left-click and right-click mouse movements

    2、Left click from left to right or right to left to continuously click on the pop-up information box button area

    3、It can simulate four kinds of mouse movements: left-click, left-double-click, right-click and right-double-click respectively

    How to use
    1, open the software, press [CTRL + F4] key combination, or click the button on the interface, start recording mouse operations

    2、After recording, press [CTRL+F5] key combination, or click the button on the interface, you can play the recorded operation

    3、Or you can customize it to simulate the type of click

    Software evaluation
    If you need to perform repetitive mouse movements, you can use this Ben Yuan Mouse Auto Clicker to help us perform them.

    The above is the extraordinary software station for you to bring today’s Ben Yuan mouse auto clicker, more software downloads in the extraordinary software station.

Auto Clicker

Auto Clicker is a macro executor that automatically taps the screen in an orderly loop on your Android phone. You can think of it as a keystroke wizard on your phone, with basically the same functions. It can help users to tap the screen automatically, no root is required, visual operation, no scripting is needed, it is ready to use and very easy to use. It is easy to use, it can be used as an auto-tap, swipe, multi-tap or swipe at the same time, record gesture cycle, tap position and set parameters to save, it can achieve similar functions as script wizard, auto-wizard, taser, etc. It is easy to use! It can also be customised to set very detailed combinations: click period, touch duration, number of executions, click position random distance, simulated swipe duration. But for system service reasons, only Android 7.0+ phones are supported! The Auto-Tapper uses a floating control panel in order to start/end auto-taps. You can use the software’s control panel to add tap positions to the screen to enable automatic tapping. It also supports saving the tap positions so that you can continue using it next time.

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    Software features
    1. Super simple interface and simple but very useful functions, click on the specified position, click speed, number of times can be set.
    2, absolutely all the functions are free to use, and ROOT-free permission allows you to export the function in a short time by continuous click script, convenient and small and easy to operate.
    3, there are detailed tutorials inside, it is recommended to take a good look before using and then use.
    4, support single mode and multiple mode selection, click rate and click length and duration of the custom settings can be customized settings.
    5, currently only support Android 7.0 or above mobile phones.
    6、Includes gesture functions such as click, curve slide and two-finger zoom.

    Software features
    1、Help Android users to free their hands and set the frequency of clicking easily.
    2、Set up operation commands with one click to provide you with perfect clicking effects.
    3、Effective for various games or application assistance.
    4、Easy full screen start clicking (except bubble).
    5、Set the click position freely online, this application is also suitable for different resolutions.
    6、Real-time setting of mobile phone click frequency, finger press time, finger pop-up time setting (generally not used) and so on. Help the majority of Android users to free their hands, easy to set the click frequency.
    7、You can also record screen operations and create game scripts.

    1、Autotapper uses the floating control panel to start/end auto-tap.
    2、You can use the control panel to add click positions on the screen to achieve auto click.

    3、The plus and minus signs are clicks, the third finger button is a swipe, then drag the position on the screen, click the first play button when you are done and the auto click will start.
    4、Long press the control of the click position will pop up the parameter configuration of single click, you can set the delay of single click, touch duration, repeat times.
    5、Click position save function, you can save the click position next time you come back and can continue to use.
    6、The global click interval, touch duration and number of repetitions can be set through the settings. There is also a quick setting function.

    7、It helps a lot when you need to click quickly or repeatedly, and there are various other uses you can find on your own!
    Software highlights
    1、Helps you to tap the screen automatically without ROOT permission. Let it do all the repetitive work!
    2. Start/end auto-tap by floating the control panel. You can use the control panel to add click positions on the screen to enable auto-clicking.
    3、The interface is simple and easy to use.
    4. Original curve sliding and two-finger zooming gestures.
    5. You can set the parameters of the click individually, such as the delay of a single point, the length of the touch, the number of repetitions.
    6、Scripts can be stored/loaded.
    7、No Root required.

The Auto Clicker app: what is it and why should I use it?

IMPORTANT: For websites only, not for other applications and games.

Auto Clicker for iPhone and iPad is the perfect assistant for imitating the action of pressing and releasing mouse buttons. By using this app, the user does not have to repeatedly click on the buttons on the selected screen area. The process is performed automatically by the Quick Auto Clicker. The user simply selects a time interval to get more clicks per second! The app’s operating comfort, security and high-end features are highly attractive to consumers.

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    Usage scenarios and how Auto Clicker works

    You can use it on online games, social networks and dating sites!

    Setting a selected time interval for each automatic click helps to avoid tedious and energy-consuming activities.

    The application is very easy to use:.

    • Open any website

    • Set the position of the clicker cursor

    • Adjust the frequency and duration of clicks

    • Add more cursors on demand

    • Click the “Start” button

    • Enjoy the positive effects

    Important: Only available for websites.

    Auto Clicker app features

    The key technical features of this Auto Clicker application have attracted the attention of users who like to enjoy stable and secure operation through effective automation.

    • Offers the option of multiple clicks. Users can click in different screen positions simultaneously

    • Allows individual settings to be created for each clicker individually: duration and frequency of the click process

    • Supports play, pause and stop functions for each click execution

    • Supports 10 languages

    • Eye-catching interface design and easy navigation

    • Adapts to iPad

    • Subscription payments will be charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of your purchase and upon commencement of each renewal term. You can cancel your subscription or free trial in the iTunes settings at least 24- hours before the end of the free trial. The cancellation will take effect the day after the last day of the current subscription period and you will be downgraded to the free service. The cancellation will take effect the day after the last day of the current subscription period and you will be downgraded to the free service.

It is a very useful software for mobile phones, which allows you to operate multiple mobile phones at the same time

It is a very useful software for mobile phones, which allows you to operate multiple mobile phones at the same time.

Software Description
Autoclicker ADB version

It can simulate the user’s clicking behaviour to achieve automatic clicking to assist you in playing games or other tasks. You can perform quick clicks.

You can add multiple click positions, set click intervals and save click positions to memory.

Auto Clicker ADB version

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    Software features
    The scripts on the Keystroke Wizard can be exported with one click, making the mobile app easier to use and simpler to share;

    The interface is customizable for developers;

    Keystroke Wizard’s super convenient and beautiful scripting interface is a great tool for developers to use in MQ;

    This is a new scripting language designed by Keystroke Wizard for its mobile products. The language supports full Chinese script reading and is easy to use.

    The point-and-click function allows you to export scripts in a short period of time with a quick and continuous click;

    The built-in scripting toolbox provides you with a ready-made, free and practical mobile scripting aid.

    How to use
    1, first download and install the software, open the settings interface.

    2, set the desired function instructions can be, to provide you with the perfect click effect.

    3、Easy full screen start click (except bubble).

    4、Set the click position freely online, this application is also suitable for different resolutions.

    5、Real-time setting of phone click frequency, finger press time, finger pop-up time setting (generally not used) and so on.

    6、Help the majority of Android users to free their hands, easy to set the click frequency.

    7, small size does not occupy your phone memory, effective for a variety of games or applications to assist.

    Software evaluation
    This is a very good software, compared to the 7.0 auto clicker, this software is more extensive and practical, although the function will be simplified a lot but can be suitable for more mobile phones to use, and very safe, like the relatives rush to download it.

Toucher is a good automatic clicker software

Toucher is a good automatic clicker software, toucher is powerful, support continuous click mode, toucher multiple gestures can choose, support a variety of apps, can save the script, one key to start, toucher is easy to operate, manual key wizard.

Software introduction

It is an automatic clicker that allows you to customise the content of your clicks, supports tap, longan, swipe, home and task recording.


Software Features

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    Multiple gestures, supports all apps

    Save scripts and start with one click

    Easy to use, mobile keystroke wizard

    Support complex scenarios, multi-tasking sequential execution

    Software features

    Clicker, start playing now

    An automatic clicker that simulates clicking on your mobile phone

    A double clicker that replaces your hands and helps you click on the desktop of your mobile phone

    Touchtone – a button clicker

    Software features

    * Supports click, double click, swipe, long press

    * Record gestures – you are able to record your own gestures easily

    * Set the parameters of the click at will, such as the delay of a single tap, the length of the touch, the number of repetitions

    * Save in real time, reuse and share with friends with one click

    * Countdown timer reminder

    * Suitable for people with disabilities.

    * Simple and easy to use interface

    * Auto-tap to help you with tasks that require repeated taps

    * Auto swipe to help you swipe around the screen automatically

    * Automatic quick connecter, ten times faster than hand tapping!

This is a free software for automatic continuous clicking of the mouse

This is a free software for automatic continuous clicking of the mouse. It simulates quick clicks on the left and right mouse buttons (usually, usually used to simulate mouse clicks). All you need to do is set the time interval and the hotkeys, when you press the shortcut key, the software will automatically click quickly until you press the shortcut key again.

Download Address: Click here to download the mouse clicker

The interface is shown in the following image.
Mouse clicker

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    You can set the following parameters in the software.
    1, Click category: left or right click.
    2, Time interval: i.e. how often the mouse is clicked.
    3, Set the hotkey: the default hotkey is Ctrl+D, you can set the hotkey to any value as you want. When you press the hotkey, the auto-click starts working immediately, and stops working after another click.
    4, Auto start on boot: This option should not need much explanation, it means that the software will start running automatically on boot.
    5, automatically minimise to tray after startup: generally we will show the software window after opening the software, if you don’t need to change the parameters, then minimise it to tray, after ticking this option, the software will be minimised directly to the bottom right corner of the screen when it starts.

    If you are a gaming-obsessed husband, your wife will be complaining that you are still crackling your mouse in the middle of the night, so with this software you may be able to play your games silently. With the addition of our mouse emulator, you may be able to operate your computer without using a mouse at all.
    If you are a professional gamer, you may be playing games around the clock in order to improve your game level. When playing games, the most you can do is to click the mouse. Even if you click fast, I don’t think it will be more than 100 clicks per minute and I believe you may get dizzy if you play for too long, but with this software, you can not only increase the speed of clicking, but also greatly reduce the intensity of your operation and make you feel good every day.

    The mouse clicker is able to achieve the following automatic click functions
    1, Auto-click the left mouse button

    Clicking on the left button is the most frequent operation we use when using the computer, we can select an item or a file by clicking on it. When we play a game on the computer, we can usually use the left click to attack enemies or pick up game equipment on the ground. Because of overuse, the left mouse button is usually the first part of the mouse to break down. Using this software to simulate mouse clicks will not only reduce the effort and increase the speed of the clicks, but will also reduce the frequency of use and thus protect it from breaking down so easily and extend its life.

    2. Automatic right click of the mouse

    When we click on the right mouse button, a right click menu will usually pop up, in some games, you can right click to move the game character to the current mouse position. Right click is generally used less frequently than left click, but there are individual games where we also need to use the right click frequently, using this mouse auto clicker software will save you time and improve efficiency.

Connect the dots ios Apple version

The game has a lot of fun ways for you to play, and the overall classic operation will make you love it, you will feel the convenience in the overall excellent game, the best classic experience is shown here, keep learning about this game brings us extraordinary journey!

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    1. This app will help you to play the game like a fish in water, when your hand speed is not enough!
    2, try to show your best strength, we can easily feel the game to bring us extraordinary experience!
    3, this best classic software is excellent, and we can easily get started with this app!

    1, super classic excellent fun play screen effect and the best excellent operation can make you love it oh!
    2, constantly show their perfect strength, more extraordinary unique gorgeous challenge in this collection oh, come together to try it!
    3, let’s discover the perfect use of this game together, more exciting and diverse wonderful adventure will definitely make you happy!

    1, this for newcomers very friendly you dare to believe, a variety of collection fetish is not nonsense simply can not stop, come you will know
    2, do very great, love it. The superb fast upgrade, easy to burst clothes, non-stop activity all day long have not played so great very great. Go


Auto-Clicker Mobile provides you with hundreds of powerful and popular assistants and high-quality handheld games, helping you to easily achieve fast and continuous clicking in a short time, which can easily simulate all the movements of your fingers on the screen.
Auto Clicker Mobile Download App Description:

Screen auto clicker is the software that can be used on mobile phones to automatically click on the screen, ideal for Show More

    use in mobile phone snaps, click games, you can set yourself to use the click function, a simple function has great usefulness, what are you waiting for, do not miss oh!

    Highlights of Auto Clicker Mobile Download:

    A safe, free and green application that simulates finger touch screen operations without any malicious plugins or pop-ups.

    Keystroke Wizard can create various scripts that simulate manual operations, helping you to automate operations on your mobile phone, saving you time and increasing your efficiency.

    When used in conjunction with the Keystroke Wizard Mobile Assistant, it allows you to edit scripts on both your mobile phone and computer.

    Features of Auto Clicker Mobile Download:

    -Autoclicker starts/ends auto-clicking via the floating control panel!

    -You can use the control panel to add click positions to the screen for auto-clicking!

    -Autoclicker helps you to tap the screen automatically without ROOT access. Let it do all the repetitive work!

    Auto Clicker Mobile Download Software Operation:

    Auto-Clicker Mobile works by floating the control panel to start/end auto-clicking. You can use the control panel to add tap positions to the screen for auto-tap, save the tap position and come back to it next time. Long press on the tap position control will bring up the parameters configuration for single tap, you can set the delay, touch duration and number of repetitions for single tap.