This autoclicker can run all mobile games and chat software in the current market smoothly!!!

Auto Clicker is a powerful auto clicker that does not require a rooted phone and can be used with any app. Auto Clicker helps you to handle tasks that require multiple repetitions and helps you to be more productive.

Auto-Tap can be customised for each point and is flexible enough to simulate the function of your finger

Auto clicker automatically repeats itself by simply recording the gesture once

Multiple scripts can be saved and executed with one click when needed

New picture recognition, screen recognition and button recognition functions have been added, making it more feature-rich and versatile than other products of its type.

Support for multiple languages, up to ten languages. Easy to download and use for people from different countries and regions

All functions are free of charge

Note: You must have permission to use the auxiliary functions when using the auto clicker.


First click to download Auto Clicker, then install and authorise it.

Click to open the software you want to use and start recording

Only supports **Android 7.0 and ** above.

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