Full Power Tap app is a good mobile phone automatic click tool, full power tap app is powerful, support automatic click, continuous click, you can customize the speed and number of clicks, experience automatic operation, very convenient.

Software Introduction

Full Tap is the latest mobile phone operation aid, providing a variety of gesture combinations such as tap, swipe and multi-tap operations, you can freely set the tap position, tap speed and number of taps, it is an indispensable essential tool in your mobile phone.

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    Are you chagrined that you can’t swipe Shake while washing dishes? Are you unable to achieve the quick change of King because of your slow hand speed? Now, leave all these problems to Full Power Tap!

    Full Power Tap

    Software features

    1. Support add click, slide, multi-point operation

    2. You can save the operation points you set, set once, use forever

    3. You can set the position of each operation point, the delay time and the number of operations at will.

    Software highlights

    1. Automatic click operation, easy to customize

    2、Make mobile phone operation easier and more convenient

    3. Powerful function, bring you more convenience

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