Android Clicker Root Free is a root free auto click tool

Software Highlights

  Built-in scripting toolbox, providing you with ready-made free and practical mobile scripting assistance

  Tap a little to help you achieve fast and continuous clicks in a short period of time

  Script export function, scripts can be exported with one click

  Powerful capture tool for easy sharing of mobile apps, more accurate point-and-click, a good helper for developers

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     Interface customization: super convenient and beautiful script interface customization function

    Software features

      1、Parameter setting: you can set the click frequency you want.

      2、Single click: hundreds of clicks per second.

      3、Multi-point cyclic click: multiple points can be clicked in sequence.

      4、Multi-touch click: support click plus click, click plus slide click at the same time.

    Software features

      Click position save function, come back next time and continue to use

      Long press on the click position control will bring up the single point parameter configuration, you can set the single point delay, touch duration, repeat times

      The settings allow you to set the global click interval, touch duration and number of repetitions. There is also a quick setup function

      A lot of help for all kinds of click-based games. IDLE games such as Crazy Click are simple and efficient.

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