Android Clicker

Android Clicker Root Free is a root free auto click tool, Android Clicker 1001 Android Clicker can single click, multi-touch cycle click, multi-touch click and so on, Android Clicker Free is powerful, easy and convenient to use, feel good friends can come to download and use.

Software Introduction

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     Android Clicker Free is a software to simulate clicking on your Android phone, also known as mobile phone screen auto clicker, Android Clicker Free can replace your hands and assist you to click on your phone screen desktop, you can achieve 200 clicks in 1 second. Implement similar functions to script wizard, clicker, etc.

    Software advantages

      You can set the click position, click frequency, swipe gesture and other operations at will.

      Suitable for impaired people. Automatic clicker, 10 times faster than hand clicking!

      Fully automatic clicking, root-free, easy to achieve automatic screen clicking.

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