Automatic Tapping: Auto Clicker/Record&Replay Taps

Automatic Tapping helps you do repeated taps – at any location on your screen, at any interval you specify. It requires no root access.

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    There’s no limit for the click interval you choose – safely go as low as 1ms (1000 clicks/sec). No matter how fast you set it, the clicking can always be stopped by hitting the on-screen Stop button (or shutting off the screen for 5 seconds).

    auto clicker set clicks

    Automatic Tapping features a floating control panel for easy control of the automatic clicking. Have the panel automatically appear in your selected apps, and be hidden in all others.

    auto clicker float panel

    Conveniently select the location for the auto click via separate click point widgets. Set the clicking speed, number of clicks and click length directly from the control panel. The location of the clicks will be saved for each app, as also the selected click interval and number of clicks.

    auto clicker speed set

    For easy automation of more complex sequences of taps, Automatic Tapping also lets you live record a sequence of taps: place click points on the screen, then record a sequence of taps that you do on those click points. Have Automatic Tapping repeat a recorded sequence as often as you like, at any speed you like. Multiple recorded sequences can be saved for each app, along with your selected settings. You can also add long presses/swipes while recording.

    auto clicker oprator panel

    This app uses Accessibility services.

    New features

    – fixed issue of click cursor not being able to be dragged all the way to the bottom of the screen even with “Ignore screen boundaries” option selected

    Click Assistant

    ✭ New feature: recorded gestures, which help you to easily create scripts.

    The autoclicker includes gestures for clicking, curved swiping and two-finger zooming.
    It does the repetitive work for you, so you have extra time to do other things! 💯

    Any click point can be added to the screen via the floating control panel.

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      ✓ Simple and easy to use interface

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      ✓ Recorded gestures – you can easily record your own gestures

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      ✓ A new interface that allows you to stop, pause or resume the script at any time

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      ✓ Unique curve swipe and two-finger zoom gestures

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      ✓ Possibility to set individual click parameters such as single tap delay, touch duration, number of repetitions

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      ✓ Ability to save/load scripts

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      ✓ Countdown timer

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      ✓ No Root required

      System requirements.
      ✓ Android 7.0 or above


      Questions and Answers.
      Tapping or swiping is what we call an ‘action’

      Q. What does delay time mean?
      A: It refers to how long each ‘action’ is delayed before the next ‘action’ is performed.
      For example, if you set the delay time for Click 1 to 1000ms
      When executing the gesture after click 1 is executed, it will stay for 1000ms before executing the next action.

      Q. What does cyclic execution mean?
      A: It means that each ‘action’ has to be repeated several times before the next ‘action’ is executed.
      For example, if you set the number of cycles for Click 1 to 99, it means that the Click 1 has to be repeated 99 times before the next action is executed.

      Q. What does duration mean?
      A: It means how long it takes for each ‘action’ to complete.
      For example, the duration is usually set to 75 ms for a click, and 300 ms for a long press, although it can be longer.
      If you are sliding, the minimum ‘duration’ will be set according to the length of the line, if there is a sliding gesture of 1234ms it means that the sliding time will last 1234ms before completing.

      Q. No response after clicking start
      A: Please use the ‘Troubleshoot’ function on the main screen to try and resolve the problem. If this does not work, you will need to reboot your computer to fix the problem.

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