Auto Click Master – Auto Clicker, Game Acceleration

Auto Click Master is an auto clicker similar to Keystroke Wizard on PC and does not require Root access. It helps you to complete automated clicking and swiping. Your best game aid, Auto Clicker, completely free your hands.

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    ❶ Auto Clicker. Helps you complete tasks that require repeated clicks.
    ❷ Auto Swipe. Helps you swipe across the screen automatically.
    ❸ One click to clean up background processes to help speed up the game so you can play it without lagging
    ❹ Support setting the start delay, touch duration, number of repetitions, time interval between every two repetitions, etc. for click as well as swipe operations.
    ❺ Support to save your set tap, swipe and other operations, record once, use many times.
    ❻ Support to open an application automatically before executing auto-tap or swipe
    ❼ Support collapsing the operation bar to avoid the operation bar affecting your other operations
    ❽ Good Chinese language support

    We are committed to creating truly useful, high performance, excellent user experience and fine applications that are constantly improved and optimized.

    If you have any comments or suggestions in the process of using the app, you are welcome to email us at for feedback, and we will deal with it as soon as possible.

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