Auto Click Simulator

Auto Click Simulator app is a good auto click tool software, auto click simulator app can set auto click, free your hands, suitable for users to brush tickets, grab red packets, gun coupons use

Software Introduction

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    Auto Click Simulator is an auto clicker that records gesture and touch screen click trajectories, and is ready to install and use, freeing up your hands and helping you to grab tickets, red packets, shopping coupons and more!

    Auto Click Simulator

    Software Features

    Auto Click can set the click position, click frequency, swipe gestures and other common operations, through the recording of gestures to complete complex operations, support a variety of modes powerful; browse news and information and short video

    Entertainment content provides a combination of click gestures, sliding gestures operation, free to add click position, click speed, click frequency, easy to use, convenient operation

    Software features

      Quick recording, one click operation

      Automatic execution with continuous click acceleration

      Save and reuse at any time

      Gesture recording with various functions

    Software highlights

      Games – hang up for activities, gifts and bosses

      Applications – automatic ticketing, automatic keystrokes, click acceleration

      Shopping – grab shopping coupons, discounts and offers

      Information – watch news, short videos, novels, automatic browsing, easy to get rewards

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