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Bringing you a root-free screen auto clicker for Android, with the auto clicker root-free app you can help users to achieve the function of auto clicking on the phone screen, convenient for playing games and so on.

Software Description

The Auto-Tapper app will reliably tap, tap or swipe anywhere on the screen at any interval of your choosing.

Auto Taper for Android doesn’t require root access and works with full screen apps!

If you need to keep a certain game active, or need to tap the same button over and over again, or need to tap the screen as quickly as possible… we can do it all for you.

Our SimpleHat team has vowed to keep all features free. We always offer ad-exit features at a low price and try to make our ads as unobtrusive as possible so that everyone can use our app.

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    Software Features

    • Each click point is fully programmable
    • Multiple methods to set the stop time. Choose a time of day or set a certain amount of time
    • Easily save and load any configuration you have made
    • Randomisation support! You can set and randomise click rates and coordinates.
    • And many other features…

    -All our features are free from the start!

    User comments

    -Good to use. You have to clear the background when not in use, otherwise the touch can get out of control.

    –It would be handy to store the position of the key placement, notes

    –Tried many, this one works best

    –Tried it. But setting the speed too fast makes it impossible to stop and press other things. Wish I could add an emergency stop button.

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