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FastTap auto clicker ADB version is a simple and useful mobile phone auto clicker software, here brings the ADB version download, some need to repeat mobile phone operations, can be done here automatically click, free up the user’s hands, like users do not miss.

Software Description

FastTap Auto-Tap is a simple and useful gadget application, the interface is super simple and easy to operate and set up, no ads and free to use, for example, an IDLE type game requires you to tap the screen like crazy, wow, really can’t imagine, the operation is multi-class, this application allows you to operate efficiently and concisely, Android 7.0 or above devices can only be used This app is available for Android 7.0 devices and above. There are FAQs, so take your time and try it out for yourself.

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    The first thing you need is a tool to help you when you need to click on the screen like crazy, so you can try to see if you can use it to grab train tickets and other applications that require speed;

    2, the setup is quite simple, and there are no ads, the layout of the interface is also relatively simple, free to use, need
    7.0 or above is required to operate, but it is ROOT-free;

    The actual fact is that you can find out more about the actual web site and also the actual web site.

    How to use

    Click on the frequency (speed) setting

    Don’t set it too low, generally the app responds to 60 clicks per second is already the limit, many games limit the number of clicks per second, like Tap titans2 only

    Setting it too low may cause system instability.

    ANR system not responding

    Because of the fast click simulation, the system cannot respond to the user’s real clicks, so click on the control panel (hover window) to pause and operate again, or set the click speed lower.

    Floating window permission

    Xiaomi, VIVOOPPO and other manufacturers may have special floating window permissions, please find your own solutions


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