auto clicker

The Auto Clicker requires access to the Accessibility Service and will click or swipe anywhere on the screen at any interval of your choosing. It does the repetitive work for you, and you have extra time to do other things!
Auto Clicker doesn’t need root access and can be used on any app! There is a floating control panel to start/stop the auto clicker. It is perfect for clicker games.

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    Product features

    1. A keystroke wizard that doesn’t require scripting
    2. Automatic clicking. Helps you with jobs that require repeated clicks.
    3. Autoswipe. Helps you to automatically swipe across the screen.
    4. Each click point is fully programmable.
    5. Supports setting the start delay, touch duration, number of repetitions, time interval between every two repetitions, etc. for click and swipe operations.
    6. Support to save the click and swipe operations you set, record once and use many times.
    7. Support to automatically open an application before performing an automatic click or swipe.
    8. Easy to save and load any configuration you have made.
    9. Good support for simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Korean, German and French.
    10. All our features are free from the start!

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