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Super Clicker is a powerful and easy to use Android phone screen auto clicker that allows you to automatically click on any position on your phone screen according to the time interval you set, freeing up your hands.

Basic Introduction

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    The software also provides editing settings, where you can not only edit the settings such as click waiting time, number of times, interval, etc., but also modify the number of click cycles, cycle times interval settings, etc. After completing the editing settings, the system will start the corresponding operation according to your settings, is a very practical software, if you need, do not miss it, come to download free experience.

    Super Clicker

    Software features

    1、Support online locking click position, you can remove the current locked position at any time.

    2、Support online modification of the click mode, you can choose the default mode or custom mode.

    3、Support online modification of click waiting time, number of times, press length and other click settings.

    4、Support online setting of timed start, start step, cycle times and other setting contents.

    5、Support online browsing operation tutorial content, start learning how to complete all the operations.

    6、Support online save configuration management, click the button to put away or expand the operation console.

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