Auto clicker


Auto Click Continuous Tap can replace both hands and assist you to click on the desktop of your mobile phone screen, you can quickly achieve multiple clicks, provide click gestures, multi-point gesture combination operation, free to add click position, click frequency, convenient and easy to operate;

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    You can set the click position, click frequency and other operations, suitable for people with disabilities;

    Software features

      1、Automatically click on the game to brush the gifts, hanging operation to fight the boss, no manual operation

      2, video, circle of friends, live platform fast click, simple and efficient

      3, grab a single, grab train tickets, automatic check-in all do not matter

      4、Watching news, reading novels, short videos automatically click to refresh, the whole automatic slide page

      Automatic click and click, ten times faster than hand click! Fully automatic execution, screen auto-click, no need ROOT permission, easy to achieve the screen auto-click.


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