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Application Description.
Mouse Warrior – Auto-Tap is an application that automatically taps on your mobile phone screen, freeing your hands completely. Mouse Warrior – Auto Clicker has an automated clicking tool with both local and cloud-based scripts, which can be saved and enabled with one click, so you can come back and use it again next time. It also provides a variety of personalised and customised gestures to achieve complex and repetitive operations in everyday life. The user can set multiple coordinates to be clicked at the same time, and the interval and number of clicks can be set freely, making the operation very easy and convenient.

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    Functions supported.

    1. Automatic click continuous point: you can add click position, set click speed, record sliding gestures and any other operations in the application at will, and complete complex operations through the recording of gestures, supporting a variety of modes, applicable to all kinds of applications and in-game operations, playing a very good help effect, very powerful function.
    2. Picture recognition click: recognises pictures and then performs clicks and judgements
    3. Continuous click: the user can set the click speed according to the actual demand, the click speed is accurate to 1 millisecond
    4. Multi-tap: multiple taps or swipes at the same time
    5. Timed start: starts clicking automatically at a specified time
    6. Timed stop: automatically stop clicking at a specified time
    7. Random time: random click interval, press or slide time, closer to manual click, instead of the old unchanging click, effective anti-detection

    Practical scenarios.
    1、WeChat/qq quick red packet grabbing, red packet second grabbing to the account

    2、Automatically click to brush monsters in the game, hanging operation to fight bosses, the whole process is completed automatically, no manual operation

    3、Video, circle of friends, live platform likes, fast click, simple and efficient

    4、Grab single, grab shopping coupons, grab train tickets, automatic sign-in, etc.

    5、Watching news, reading novels, short videos automatically click to refresh, the whole process of automatic browsing page turning

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