Auto-Clicker Mobile provides you with hundreds of powerful and popular assistants and high-quality handheld games, helping you to easily achieve fast and continuous clicking in a short time, which can easily simulate all the movements of your fingers on the screen.
Auto Clicker Mobile Download App Description:

Screen auto clicker is the software that can be used on mobile phones to automatically click on the screen, ideal for Show More

    use in mobile phone snaps, click games, you can set yourself to use the click function, a simple function has great usefulness, what are you waiting for, do not miss oh!

    Highlights of Auto Clicker Mobile Download:

    A safe, free and green application that simulates finger touch screen operations without any malicious plugins or pop-ups.

    Keystroke Wizard can create various scripts that simulate manual operations, helping you to automate operations on your mobile phone, saving you time and increasing your efficiency.

    When used in conjunction with the Keystroke Wizard Mobile Assistant, it allows you to edit scripts on both your mobile phone and computer.

    Features of Auto Clicker Mobile Download:

    -Autoclicker starts/ends auto-clicking via the floating control panel!

    -You can use the control panel to add click positions to the screen for auto-clicking!

    -Autoclicker helps you to tap the screen automatically without ROOT access. Let it do all the repetitive work!

    Auto Clicker Mobile Download Software Operation:

    Auto-Clicker Mobile works by floating the control panel to start/end auto-clicking. You can use the control panel to add tap positions to the screen for auto-tap, save the tap position and come back to it next time. Long press on the tap position control will bring up the parameters configuration for single tap, you can set the delay, touch duration and number of repetitions for single tap.

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