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Auto Clicker is a macro executor that automatically taps the screen in an orderly loop on your Android phone. You can think of it as a keystroke wizard on your phone, with basically the same functions. It can help users to tap the screen automatically, no root is required, visual operation, no scripting is needed, it is ready to use and very easy to use. It is easy to use, it can be used as an auto-tap, swipe, multi-tap or swipe at the same time, record gesture cycle, tap position and set parameters to save, it can achieve similar functions as script wizard, auto-wizard, taser, etc. It is easy to use! It can also be customised to set very detailed combinations: click period, touch duration, number of executions, click position random distance, simulated swipe duration. But for system service reasons, only Android 7.0+ phones are supported! The Auto-Tapper uses a floating control panel in order to start/end auto-taps. You can use the software’s control panel to add tap positions to the screen to enable automatic tapping. It also supports saving the tap positions so that you can continue using it next time.

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    Software features
    1. Super simple interface and simple but very useful functions, click on the specified position, click speed, number of times can be set.
    2, absolutely all the functions are free to use, and ROOT-free permission allows you to export the function in a short time by continuous click script, convenient and small and easy to operate.
    3, there are detailed tutorials inside, it is recommended to take a good look before using and then use.
    4, support single mode and multiple mode selection, click rate and click length and duration of the custom settings can be customized settings.
    5, currently only support Android 7.0 or above mobile phones.
    6、Includes gesture functions such as click, curve slide and two-finger zoom.

    Software features
    1、Help Android users to free their hands and set the frequency of clicking easily.
    2、Set up operation commands with one click to provide you with perfect clicking effects.
    3、Effective for various games or application assistance.
    4、Easy full screen start clicking (except bubble).
    5、Set the click position freely online, this application is also suitable for different resolutions.
    6、Real-time setting of mobile phone click frequency, finger press time, finger pop-up time setting (generally not used) and so on. Help the majority of Android users to free their hands, easy to set the click frequency.
    7、You can also record screen operations and create game scripts.

    1、Autotapper uses the floating control panel to start/end auto-tap.
    2、You can use the control panel to add click positions on the screen to achieve auto click.

    3、The plus and minus signs are clicks, the third finger button is a swipe, then drag the position on the screen, click the first play button when you are done and the auto click will start.
    4、Long press the control of the click position will pop up the parameter configuration of single click, you can set the delay of single click, touch duration, repeat times.
    5、Click position save function, you can save the click position next time you come back and can continue to use.
    6、The global click interval, touch duration and number of repetitions can be set through the settings. There is also a quick setting function.

    7、It helps a lot when you need to click quickly or repeatedly, and there are various other uses you can find on your own!
    Software highlights
    1、Helps you to tap the screen automatically without ROOT permission. Let it do all the repetitive work!
    2. Start/end auto-tap by floating the control panel. You can use the control panel to add click positions on the screen to enable auto-clicking.
    3、The interface is simple and easy to use.
    4. Original curve sliding and two-finger zooming gestures.
    5. You can set the parameters of the click individually, such as the delay of a single point, the length of the touch, the number of repetitions.
    6、Scripts can be stored/loaded.
    7、No Root required.

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