Auto clicker

Application Introduction
I. What is an automated clicker
It refers to creating a set of continuous action instructions by yourself with the authorization and understanding of the user, and then having this series of actions executed automatically by means of manual or automatic triggering.
Second, the original design intention
Smartphones have brought us great convenience, and we spend more and more time using smartphones, and a large part of these actions are repetitive, in order to solve this problem and save more time for users, we designed and developed this automation clicker.
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    III. Advantages of the automated clicker
    No ROOT permission required. Free to add or set the click position, click speed, number of clicks, click frequency, etc. Convenient and easy to operate. It can replace both hands and assist you to click on the desktop of the cell phone screen, which can quickly realize multiple clicks, provide click gestures, multi-point gesture combination operation, support screen single click, multi-point circular click combination and other kinds of gestures, which can be used in the scenario of high repetitiveness of the cell phone.
    Fourth, application scenarios
    1、In-game hanging to do activities, brush gifts, fight bosses, the whole process automatically completed, free your hands
    2、Automatically sign in the application, automatic ticketing, automatic praise, automatic button, click to accelerate, etc., applicable to all kinds of APP
    3、Shopping platform to grab shopping coupons, grab discounts, a key to open, non-stop benefits to receive
    4、Watch news, short videos, novels and other apps, automatic browsing, easy to hang, get rewards
    5、Automatic collection of ant forest energy
    6、Automatically identify ads and close them
    7、Remote trigger another phone to perform a certain action.
    5、How to use
    1、Manual click method
    2、Timed execution
    3、Trigger when open APP


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