auto clicker

Auto Clicker helps you to tap the screen automatically without ROOT permission. You can easily add click position and set click speed.

Similar to the function of Keystroke Wizard.

Only support Android 7.0 and above, lower version system will prompt like “installer parsing error” and so on.

Below 7.0, please use [Auto clicker ADB version] to support up to Android 4.2, but need ROOT or computer to connect ADB and open Wifi adb debugging by command.

Low version system without ROOT cannot be supported.

Due to the closure of the forum, paid users please get the international version, please understand the inconvenience

Permission Description.

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    Phone permission, storage permission, location permission

    Storage permission is used for script export import, without permission export function will fail

    Phone permission is for PRO version users to bind the device, advertising SDK use

    So they can be used without authorization


    2.0.8 is probably the shortest surviving version

    2.0.9 is better adapted to Android 11 and found a bug in Android



    1. Automatic recording function for recorder delay length
    2. Optimization of automatic click execution for incoming call pause
    3. Hover window position record, next start automatically reality in the previous position
    4. Privacy permission optimization

    No longer mandatory phone permission, when storage permission, no storage permission script export will fail


    Android 11 system support, package optimization


    Update content

    1. Add paid user WeChat login binding, device using WeChat login authentication can skip the device identification code binding of the device, paid users are no longer limited by 3 devices
    2. Record script export and import function
    3. Add simulation operation random delay parameter setting
    4. Add new control window skin, add long press, double click, system button quick add button, more convenient and easy to understand
    5. Record the last use of the skin
    6. Users can choose the list of available skins
    7. Optimize the control window start permission judgment
    8. Add single operation delete function

    Problems fixed

    1. Import script can not be imported problem fixed
    2. Caller stop click optimization, use [get phone information] permission to make auto-click in the caller to stop auto-click

    Happy New Year everyone – 20200121

    Version 2.0.4

    Fix the problem of lost storage script.

    Add problem checking interface to facilitate problem feedback

    Update the support SDK to improve the stability of the application

    Add skins, (only keep the beginning and end, remove the close button, can be closed in the main interface)

    Enable foreground services to reduce the possibility of the program being killed by the system by mistake

    Version 2.0.2 update log.

    Add recording function, you can record gestures 👍

    Due to the limitation of the system service, the recording gesture function only supports Android 8.0 or above cell phones, 7.0 cell phone gestures will be downgraded to slide function

    Export function will be added later

    1.1.1 version description

    Another version update, sorry to bother you

    I changed the version name very randomly, haha, should be changed from version 1.0.5

    No other changes, upgrade or not depends on the mood :3

    1.0.5 version description

    1. control window skinning function! Can only retain the start/end, close button, horizontal console
    2. In addition to closing the console plug ads, the developer is really Buddhist

    Open membership or something the author does not care very much about it, everyone is happy with it. In case of problems with the membership service also scold me, so be careful to open. Members on that time everyone rewarded, sorry no energy refund oh, so sorry not refund. Thank you all for your support 🙂

    Version 1.0.4.

    Free version open all features

    1. Storage configuration can be used for free, unlimited storage
    2. Custom UI features, modify the controls, control the window size
    3. Fix a lot of bugs

    Add open screen ads and main interface ads

    Problem: The version upgrade/application suddenly doesn’t work after a crash.

    This is a system bug, Accessibility Service some times will not work properly, in general, kill the application restart, re-empowerment will be good, there are many times must reboot the phone to use …… temporarily can not solve, probably have to wait for the google solution it T.T

    The auto clicker starts/ends the auto click by floating the control panel. You can use the control panel to add click locations on the screen to achieve auto-click.

    Click position save function, next time come back to continue to use

    Long press on the click position control will bring up the single click parameter configuration, you can set the single click delay, touch duration, repeat count

    You can set the global click interval, touch duration, and repeat times through the settings. There is also a quick setting function

    It helps a lot for all kinds of clicking games. Like crazy click and other IDLE-type games, simple and efficient. Have fun:)

    (Various other uses discover it yourself:)


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