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! Important Because of the system service, only Android 7.0 or above phones are supported!
If you encounter errors such as prompted installation package parsing errors please confirm the phone system version. It’s time to change your phone 🙂

Automatic clicker, continuous clicker to help you automatically click the screen. You can easily add the click position, set the click speed.

Similar to the Keystroke Wizard function.

Only support Android 7.0 and above system

Problem: version upgrade / application crash suddenly can not be used.

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    This is a system bug, Accessibility Service some times will not work properly, in general, kill the application restart, re-empowerment will be good, there are many times must restart the phone to use …… temporarily can not solve, probably have to wait for the google solution it T.T

    The auto clicker starts/ends the auto click by floating the control panel. You can use the control panel to add click locations on the screen to achieve auto-click.

    Click position save function, next time come back to continue to use

    Long press on the click position control will bring up the single click parameter configuration, you can set the single click delay, touch duration, repeat count

    You can set the global click interval, touch duration, and repeat times through the settings. There is also a quick setting function

    Prohibit the use of auto-clicker to grab orders, brush data and other things that affect or infringe on the authority of other platforms.


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