auto clicker and tap titans

Tap titans is a casual clicker role-playing game for all players. By clicking on the character to kill monsters and complete upgrade tasks to get gold to unlock more characters and play. Using auto clicker can greatly reduce the difficulty of the game, freeing players’ hands and making it easy to complete tasks.

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    auto clicker 01

    1 Open auto clicker app and add whitelist by authorization to prevent the software from being cleaned by the system.

    2 Close auto clicker to keep the app running in the background

    3 Open tap titans to keep the app in the game interface

    auto clicker 02

    4 Click on the auto clicker window to wake up the interface

    auto clicker 03

    5 Click on the start button and choose to trigger the continuous click function, here we can customize the number of continuous clicks required

    auto clicker 04

    6 according to the prompts on the phone screen to select the location to be clicked, and then click save to complete the settings

    After completing the above steps, we don’t need to repeat the above operations in the subsequent use process, just open the script we have recorded and click on it to run, and auto clicker also supports the adjustment of the script, according to the user’s needs to adjust the speed of the click factor, the order of the operation steps, with the upgrade of the game to fine-tune the script can continue to use with the game!

    auto clicker is a powerful software that is compatible with almost all mobile applications and games, with new features such as screen recognition, button recognition, color recognition, etc., and with the user’s creativity, auto clicker has more possibilities and gameplay.

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