Auto Clicker Android Crack is a very good mobile phone keystroke wizard auxiliary software

Auto Clicker Android Crack is a very good mobile phone keystroke wizard auxiliary software, you can set the frequency to automatically click the phone screen, free of root can be used, simple and convenient operation, crack version to lift the restrictions, come to 2265 Android download it!

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    Automatic clicker member version introduction
    Auto clicker helps you to automatically click the screen without ROOT permission. You can easily add click position and set click speed. Also supports swipe function. Auto Clicker uses the floating control panel to start/end auto clicking. You can use the control panel to add tap positions on the screen to enable auto-tap.

    Auto Clicker Crack Download

    Auto Clicker Crack Information
    Remove ads + limit of only 40 generated, only supports Android 8.0 and above

    Available for scenarios.

    1. game button assist.
    2. for the use of the shaky hands when you are tired of shaking.
    3. other applications that require tapping or cyclic tapping can also be used.

    Features of the full version of Auto Clicker
    1、It can reliably click on any selected position on your screen at the interval you set.

    2、Does not require ROOT access and can be used for full screen applications.

    3、If you need to keep a particular game on, or need to tap the same button repeatedly, or need to tap the screen as quickly as possible, it’s all there for you.

    1. The team has vowed to keep all features free. Screen Auto-Tap Assistant always offers ad-exit features at a low price and tries to make our ads as unobtrusive as possible so that everyone can use the app.

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