Auto Clicker Assistant: Automatic Tapping App (Early Access)

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Auto clicker the automatic tap the best tool which assists you automate repeated clicks. Auto clicker click assistant enables quick touch which helps automatic tapping on phone screen. Generate auto clicks repeated taps at location or point by adjusting number or specifying number of intervals. Use auto clicker automatic tap which brings repetitive touch with macro. Generate the desired number of clicker, set the interval and location to separate points in your mobile. Auto clicker tapping renders the ultimate floating control panel to start and stop the automatic tap/click. Quick touch automatic clicker will do all the repeated jobs just specify internal and location on screen. Keep the game active, tap or click the same buttons again and again by setting the intervals to repeating tap.

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    Auto Clicker Assistant: Automatic Tapping App
    ✓Add any click point at the screen
    ✓Generate single or multiple auto clicker
    ✓Set time and number of intervals to repeat
    ✓Play and stop auto clicking with ease and access
    ✓Curve swipes and pinch gestures
    ✓Floating control panel to easily start/ stop auto tapping
    ✓Great tools if you play click games

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    Enable the foremost auto clicker automatic taping in your phone screen. Specify and set the number of intervals the auto clicker with play and position the exact point to begin auto clicker function properly.

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    Install auto clicker app and relish free automatic tapping anywhere anytime.
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