Auto Clicker – Auto Knocker

Auto Clicker – Auto Tap, it has a special option to set the duration of clicks to get the perfect duration between clicks. It has a floating point to easily click on any side of the mobile position, just click on the start button and it will automatically provide the user with the floating point and you can easily control your clicks. The application clicks once on the mobile screen and it will automatically click in your mobile screen at specific time intervals.

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    Auto-Tapper – The Auto-Tapper app will automatically tap repeatedly anywhere on your mobile device. Use it when you need to tap on your mobile screen continuously at the perfect time and you can use it especially when you are playing a game and you need to continue getting a perfect result on the screen with just one click and it will automatically tap on your screen for the duration of the tap.

    Auto Clicker – Auto Tapper allows the user to use special drawing options and you can easily swap the moving screen with the perfect setting area, this application also allows the user to indicate how to work with specific options floating points. Thus, using this application makes it easier to perform mobile touch


    _Instant quick taps
    _Specify click duration
    _Option click by duration
    _Easy swap float
    _Allows use of the application’s instructions
    _One-click to set auto-slide speed
    _Special floating point to control clicker
    _Friendly UI design
    _Easy to use the application
    _No root require
    _Use anywhere, anytime
    _Use while playing games
    _Make calculations easier


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