Auto Clicker – Automate Click, Scroll, Repeat taps

Playing game, reading comic, book, enjoying your free time are easier now than it ever has been
Auto Clicker help you do repeating taps at any location in any interval you specify.

Automation Clicker does NOT require root access.
Controlling click, swipe actions via a floating control panel.

It’s very useful for auto click in your games.
Also, you can use the swipe feature for scrolling screen when reading manga, comic, newspaper,…
And many things which can be automated by Auto Clicker, It’s just depend on your creativity
More away, you can save your actions with your custom setting parameter as script for later using.

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    🔶 Feature:
    – The friendly user interface, simple, easy to use

    auto clicker img

    – Support multiple click points, multiple swipes, scroll

    auto clicker img

    – Allow scheduling the interval time between actions

    auto clicker img

    – Allow adjusting swipe/scroll duration

    auto clicker img

    – Instant setting by click on the click/swipe point

    auto clicker img

    – Saving your automated scripts

    🔶 Note:
    – Only support Android 7.0 (Sdk 24) and above.
    – Requires Accessibility Service to work.
    – For Xiaomi devices, if you press Clear All in Recent screen, so you need to enter app and enable the switch (don’t need to enter Setting and reactivate Service, we will do it for you :D)

    🔶 Feedback:
    – If you like our Auto Clicker app, please kindly rate us 5 stars. Your review is the biggest motivation for us to continue to improve the quality of our products
    – If you have any problem or question, don’t hesitate to contact us by email:

    And what are you waiting for, download the best Auto Clicker app for you right now 🥳!

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