Auto Clicker: Automatic Tap & Swipe

You are playing a game with repetitive actions.
Are you looking for an automatic tap tool to help you handle that action?
Our Auto Clicker app will help you do just that. Just a few simple steps. Let’s find out with us now!

The best Auto Clicker app that Automatic Tap & Swipe, saves your time, easy to use and totally FREE

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    **Features of Auto Clicker app>/b>

    ✓ Create multiple clicks at the same time, the time of operations such as automatic click, tap, swipe, delay measured in ms

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    ✓ Save Gestures – You can easily save your gestures for later use without having to reinstall them

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    ✓ Record and Replay: Record your touches and replay them. This recording can be edited freely, mixed and matched in any order, played at different speeds and intervals. You can even randomize every touch point in it.

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    ✓ Convenient two-finger tap, swipe and zoom gestures for many in-game operations

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    ✓ Simple interface, easy to use

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    ✓ New interface that allows you to stop, pause or resume the script at any time

    auto clicker img

    ✓ You can adjust the size and opacity of the operator interface
    ✓ Set click parameters individually, such as delay, touch duration, and number of repetitions

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    ✓ It can save/load scripts
    ✓ Tailored to your language makes it easier to use
    ✓ No Root

    *Control buttons*
    – Recoding Gestures
    – Pinch Gestures
    – Spread Gestures
    – Swipe Gestures
    – Click Gestures
    – Delete a Gesture
    In addition, there are basic control buttons such as save, hide, go back, …

    – Only support Android 7.0 and up
    – System alert window permission
    – Accessibility service

    Install Auto Clicker: Automatic Tap & Swipe App now and you will be free with the automatic tap & swipe :-)**

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