Auto Clicker, Automatic tap

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    Tapping can help you automatically click/tapping you phone – anywhere you set on your screen. Requires NO ROOT access. Let it do all the repeating jobs!

    auto clicker

    This auto clicker includes clicks, curve swipes and pinch gestures.

    It helps you do repetitive work so you can have extra time to do other things! 💯

    auto clicker 03

    – The friendly user interface, easy to use
    – Support multiple click points, multiple swipes
    – Have a global timer to run for a certain amount of time
    – Can Import/Export automatic scripts
    – Easy to use
    – Recording gestures – You can easily record your gestures
    – Innovative curve swipes and two-finger zoom gestures
    – Separately set the parameters of the clicks, such as delay, touch duration and number of repetitions
    – It can save/load scripts
    – Countdown timer
    – No Root

    auto clicker

    – Only support Android 7.0 and up.
    – Require Accessibility service to work.

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