Auto Clicker : Easy & Super Fast Tapping

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Be smart game users or also device users with this Auto Clicker : Easy & Super Fast Tapping application. this app allows users facilities to get repeat clicks by again n again with one click through simple target point and with users choice timing.

SO WHY YOU ARE WASTE YOUR TIME ON FINDING OTHER APP..? Use this Auto Clicker : Easy & Super Fast Tapping app which has all are amazing facilities to make easier your touch. click onetime on mobile screen and it will automatically tap with a specific time interval in your mobile screen. the application will automatically repeat taps at any place from your mobile device. app with it’s to count any calculation with the easy way just place all pointer in your calculation digits or tap on play button it will automatically repeat your calculation on screen.

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    Auto Clicker : Easy & Super Fast Tapping app which has a Float point with is movable in your device anywhere, just tap on the start button and it will automatically provide users float point with that you can easily control your click.which have special option to Set Click duration to get perfect duration between clicks, and it also option to set Click Counts per which has the best option to adjust auto swap speed in your mobile with simple swape buttons.

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    Auto Clicker : Easy & Super Fast Tapping app allow users to Save settings with which you can use it whenever you want to use your last point location into current situations. it has mane more saving slots with which easily you can handle your taping with one click. app with you can use it when you need to continuously tap on the mobile screen with perfect timing, and special you can use it while you are playing a game and you need to continues on the screen to get a perfect result, just one tap and it will automatic clicking on your screen with your Click duration.

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    _Get fast click at once time
    _Specify a Click duration
    _Save a Clicking with different Slots to use it in future
    _Movebale float point to make easier your touch
    _Allow instruction users to make more clear use of it
    _Special float point to control clicker
    _Easily swipe screen with the auto-swipe option
    _Automatic repeat taps with your choice timing
    _Option to adjust clicks per seconds
    _Use while you are playing a game
    _Optioin to set specific interval timing for clicks
    _Friendly UI design
    _Easy to use the app
    _No root require
    _Use anytime

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