Auto Clicker – Free Aids Introduction

The Faitian assistant auto clicker app area has uploaded a variety of auto clickers for auto clicker needs, this site provides auto clicker download, fully functional and free forever! The free version of this auto clicker for Android supports multiple functions such as auto hang click, auto record script, auto get signpost, etc. For more quality free clickers, please download Feitian Assistant for more details.

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    Fei Tian Assistant provides a variety of high quality auto clicker android free version download, synchronization unlock free root hand game auxiliary gods red finger cloud mobile phone download, android free root, ios free jailbreak support auto clicker android 24 hours fully automatic hanging machine running!

    Auto clicker – free auxiliary function
    Currently, the Flying Assistant Auto-Clicker software fully meets the needs of players, this Auto-Clicker Android free version supports features such as

    Automatic rapid succession of clicks.

    Automatic recording function.

    Automatic acquisition of user click position coordinates (multi-point acquisition supported).

    Customised click coordinates settings.

    Automatic shouting.

    Auto clicker – free auxiliary tutorial

    1. download and install the “auto clicker android free version root-free cloud hanging tool” red finger, register and login to add a cloud phone.
    2. enter the cloud phone, open the cloud desktop of the flying assistant, search for the application name “continuous clicker”, enter the automatic clicker software area,.

    Automatic clicker Android free version free root free jailbreak use tutorial – automatic clicker area

    1. Select an auto clicker and run it. In the pop-up clicker software function setting interface, set the required functions and parameters and save it.

    Note: After saving, a hover window will pop up on the right side, click on it to stop running the automatic clicker, click on it to set it up.

    Auto clicker android free version free root free jailbreak use tutorial – auto clicker function settings

    1. Open the game you need to automatically click, and login to the account, enter the game task hanging interface, click to start the flying assistant, you can fully automatic hanging click to brush the task!

    Automatic clicker – free notes
    To use this software, it is recommended that the interval between clicks be at least 1s (i.e. 1000ms) and that you do not open too much software in the background!

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