Auto Clicker pro – Tapping

2020 best Auto Clicker Tapping
No Root can be used on any app
You can set any position to click or swipe at any time.
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    Recording gestures
    – You can easily record your gestures
    – Press the [Record] button to start recording gestures!
    Click or swipe frequency settings
    – You can set the click time to match your set requirements
    – Long press and short press time can be set freely
    – Touch points can be hidden or displayed at any time
    – Change the frequency of clicks at any time
    – Quickly change click frequency with one click
    Loop mode can be set
    – Loop times
    – Loop until stop button is pressed
    – Loop for time up
    Save and load setting
    – Easy to start
    Can set anti-detection
    – Can avoid clicking the same coordinates, do small distance random displacement, avoid game company detection
    Require Accessibility service to work
    Toolbar settings
    – Choose your favorite toolbar theme
    – Freely sort button order, or hide unwanted features
    – Vertical or horizontal toolbar

    Permission to access accessibility services

    If you use it, you will enjoy it!

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