Auto Clicker Pro

Auto Clicker Pro is a good auto clicker tool, Auto Clicker Pro is easy to operate, you can easily set up auto click, Auto Clicker Pro does not require root access, safe and reliable, so you can free your hands.

Software Description

  Auto Clicker Pro has various functions, one key operation, automatic operation, parameter setting, etc. Auto Clicker Pro for Android can help you to realize the automatic click operation on your mobile phone, it is easy to use and super straightforward, you can freely combine to use it!

Software features

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    1、Parameter setting: you can set out the frequency of clicks you want.

      2、Single click: several hundred clicks per second.

      3、Multi-point circular click: multiple points are clicked in a circular order.

      4、Multi-touch click: supports click plus click, click plus swipe at the same time.

    Software Highlights

    1. Crazy click: hundreds of clicks per second   2. Timed start: Timed clicks start automatically at specified times   3. Random time: click interval, press or swipe time   4. Multi-click: multiple points to click or slide at the same time

    Software features

      Quick start, one-click operation; no ROOT permission required, and can be used for global applications, recorded gestures can be played and executed directly through the hover button

      Continuous click acceleration, automatic execution; record click or swipe operation at any position at any time, free users’ hands, achieve continuous click acceleration, easily set the click frequency and time interval

      Real-time saving and reuse; save the click script after recording and come back to use it next time so that you don’t need to re-record it next time you use it

      Gesture recording with a variety of functions; you can record a variety of gestures, supporting single click, multi-point circular click, click plus swipe combination and other irregular gestures to efficiently complete the needs of various application scenarios.

      Quick setup, multiple controls; you can set multiple clicks, and set the order of clicks, time interval and number of repetitions

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