Auto Clicker – Quick Touch

Tired of clicking on a point to get a bonus in the game?
Don’t have time to click event when it appears?
Auto Clicker – Quick Touch will help you do that!

auto clicker 01

Auto Clicker – Quick Touch helps you to perform press/click/touch/tapper or swipe operations at any position on the screen according to your settings.

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    Automatic clicker does not require root privileges.

    Tapping is very suitable for clicking on your behalf in repetitive tasks such as playing game, event, receive reward

    auto clicker 02

    – Support click one point, multiple points or swipe at the same time
    – Easy to turn off auto in many ways: timer, number of quick tap
    – Easily save and load installed desk configurations
    – User-friendly interface, easy to use
    – Multi-language support

    auto clicker 03

    – Only supports Android 7.0 and above
    – Allows SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW permission
    – Allow AccessibilityService permissions

    auto clicker 04

    Try and experience the Auto Clicker – Quick Touch app right away.

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