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You must have encountered this problem when playing games, that is, you want to complete a task, you have to repeat the same operation, and a long time, and this will not only cause a great impact on your gaming experience, but also a waste of time, but you have today I bring this automatic clicker to remove advertising version is different, because through this software you can You can set the number of clicks, the interval, the duration and other parameters, so that the clicker can complete the operation for you, thus freeing your hands. Of course, in addition to completing game tasks, the software can also be used to grab orders, especially those that are limited, after all, you do not have to use the clicker, it is very difficult to grab, for this I know. It’s also a good thing that you don’t need root access to use it. If you need it, hurry up and download it from this site to experience it.

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    Software features
    1, super simple interface and function although simple but very practical, I believe that many people appear to help others to grab train tickets, this automatic click assistant allows you to easily get;.
    2, absolutely all the functions are free to use, and ROOT-free permissions allow you to export functions in a short time through continuous click script, convenient and compact and easy to operate.
    3, auto clicker to ad version inside a detailed tutorial instructions, it is recommended to take a good look before using then, support single mode as well as more than one mode of choice, click rate and click length and duration of custom settings can be customized settings.

    Software highlights
    1、Help the majority of Android users to free their hands, easy to set the frequency of clicks.
    2, one key to set the operating instructions, to provide you with the perfect click effect.
    3, small size does not occupy your phone memory, effective for a variety of games or applications to assist.
    4、Easy full screen start clicking (except bubble).
    5、Set the click position freely online, this application is also suitable for different resolutions.
    6、Real-time setting of mobile phone click frequency, finger press time, finger pop-up time setting (generally not used), etc.

    1, auto clicker to ad version can create a variety of hand game auxiliary script, to help you achieve a variety of automatic operations.
    2, automatic grab red packet, grab single, grab train tickets, automatic check-in, pointing and other auxiliary, screen auto-click assistant all do not care;.
    3、Built-in script toolbox provides you with ready-made free and practical mobile phone scripts assisted by point and click function.
    4, a little bit of functionality to help you easily achieve in a short period of time to quickly and continuously click the script export function.
    5、Make mobile phone applications more convenient to use share more simple and powerful grasping tools.
    6, catch point to catch colour more accurate, is a good helper for developers interface customization.
    7, keystroke wizard super convenient and beautiful script interface customization features, so developers love MQ language.

    Common problems
    1. Can’t auto-click after an application crash?
    If you can’t perform an auto-click after an application crash, this is caused by a system bug, etc. Please disable the Accessibility permission and re
    grant permission again. If it doesn’t work, there may be a problem with the system, try restarting your phone.
    [Reset Permissions].
    Or you can force kill the app, the system will take back the permission and you can try again. The button below will guide you
    Go to the app information page and click the Force Stop button.
    Force Stop App]
    If it doesn’t work, you need to reboot your phone and try again (system bug, we can’t solve it either T.T)
    2、How do I set the click frequency (speed)?
    Don’t set it too low, generally 60 clicks per second is the limit, many games limit the number of clicks per second, like Tap
    Setting too low will lead to system instability.
    3, ANR system does not respond?
    Because the simulation of fast click, the system can not respond to the user and other real click, click the control panel (hover window) to pause and then operate.
    Or click on the speed set a little lower
    4、Floating window permission

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