Auto Clicker with almost a hero

Auto Clicker is a very powerful mobile app that is currently very popular in the mobile app market. The powerful clicking function can be used with many games to create very rich scenarios. Today we would like to introduce you to the use of auto clicker with almost a hero.

First open Google play and search for auto clicker to find the software icon auto clicker Click on the download button below and wait for it to download and install.

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    Once the installation is complete, open auto clicker and follow the prompts on the interface to authorise it (when using auto clicker you must first complete the authorisation, otherwise it will automatically flash back, not work properly etc.)

    Once authorised, switch the clicker to run in the background, then open almost a hero, open the hover menu of auto clicker in the game interface and click the start recording button, we just need to record the gestures once according to the normal game operation process and click save, then open the saved script and set the time interval for each step.

    The next step is simply to click on the hover menu and then click on the start button to automatically execute the game script.

    The auto clicker is very powerful and has different combinations for each game or application, so download it now and start your exploration!

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