Auto multi clicker

Auto multi clicker is an Android automatic simulation click tool, similar to the button wizard on the PC side. ROOT is not required, it can be clicked, multi click, gestures, etc. automatically. It can be used to automatically complete game tasks or receive game rewards, automatic timing tasks, and so on. The automatic click and connect device provides a wealth of tools and functions, and users can freely combine and edit to meet the needs of different scenarios. More interesting uses are waiting for you to explore. . .

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    Special feature:

    1. Quickly automatically click the connecting point to start the game or application, and start the automatic task with one key.

    2. Automatic playback of recorded gestures, you only need to record the operation process of the game or application on the screen, and the automatic clicker can help you replay the operation process you recorded. At the same time, it supports operations such as saving and sharing of recording configuration, timing execution of recording configuration, and editing of recording configuration.

    3. Various recording gadgets are supported. During the recording process, you can match text matching, simulate back, home, notification, lock screen, open screen, etc., to achieve complex processes and tasks.

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