Auto Wizard Advanced is a mobile phone software that can automate the operation of mobile phone screens without the need for complex coding

Auto Wizard Advanced is a mobile phone software that can automate the operation of mobile phone screens without the need for complex coding, by recording to time just the user’s click operation, everyone can have their own personalized auto click script.

Features of AutoWizard Advanced
Import of local scripts;

Automatically record your screen and more;

Screen auto-clicking;

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    Customised automation scripts!

    AutoWizard Premium app

    Instructions for use
    Download and install the installation package provided on this site

    Enter the home page and click on make – select run mode – system assist – OK

    Then record a script with all permissions enabled and rename the script

    Click on Run and Save.

    Software advantages
    1、Virtual positioning, can help WeChat users modify the location information, positioning to any corner, to achieve the world without leaving home, travel around the world.

    2、This product integrates with the new version of Gaode Map to achieve a variety of practical functions to help users filter coordinates.

    3、After the user determines the coordinates, choose to go to the coordinates, then log in your WeChat, then your WeChat will locate to the coordinates you choose.

    4、You can send the location to your friends, or friends circle, or check nearby people, or send real-time location to your friends.

    5、Workers, business people, the company requires to download the positioning software real-time monitoring. Cloud travel allows you to change your mobile phone geographic location at will, please worry.

    6、Entertainment crowd, let your footprint all over the world.

    7, the phone does not need to root, just open – developer mode – allow simulated location.

    8, micro business – so you are no longer limited by geographic location, let from the WeChat nearby people function, add new friends around the world, become WeChat marketing assistant auxiliary tools!

    Frequently Asked Questions
    What if the root-free version of Auto Genie is flashing back?

    Black screen flashback causes


    Hardware may not have reached the configuration of some software late, such as insufficient memory is very common.

    2, software version problems

    With the update in the software version, the old version of some software will be incompatible with the server and so on, so if the version is too old, causing flashback, update the latest version can be.

    3, the network is not stable

    Most of the network instability will cause the flashback situation, recommended players in the case of WIFI, if there is WIFI can be optimized or restart the router.

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