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The automatic clicker & auto tapper app will automatically repeat your taps. You can play any game with accurate timing without your finger touch through this tap control. No limit to getting an auto click location to tap the smartphone screen at any place. The automatic clicker and click assistant can obtain quick touch that helps you to touch automatically on the mobile screen. Auto mode has the option to set auto click duration and limit by clicking. Auto click will do all the repetitive tasks by quick touch automatic. Using auto-clicking can handle repetitive touche to chat on your phone screen. You can connect with the game by active tap and play the same points again by setting the intervals to automatic click.

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    For quick-touch automatic sequences of taps, the clicker also lets you record your move and click on the screen apps. Then the app will record sequence taps that you do on the click points. Have auto tapper repeat a recorded sequence as frequently as you want, at fast tapping you like. Multiple recorded clicks will save for the individual app and stay longer with your selected settings. You can also continue long presses/swipes while click & collect.

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    Features of automatic clicker:
    ✔ Simple and easy to use and compatible with all Android devices
    📲 works with multiple clicking points and taping
    👌 Individually set the parameters of the clicks, such as stop, touch duration, and number of repetitions
    🎯 Never Root access required
    💡 Any click point can add to the screen by the floating control panel
    👍 1-tap use it safely and comfortably without any problem
    🌟 Quickly change frequency of tiny task with one click
    🛡 Permission to obtain accessibility services
    ⭐ So fast click that will bring you to a suitable level of clicking
    ☝ Fully functional without limitations

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    It’s a Smart and safe app with an easy touch app with a one-click onetime on the mobile screen it will start automatically taping. Click assistant with excellent time duration through our so fast auto clicker and automatic tap screen. This app has a fantastic method to use click to chat with your chosen period. Auto Clicker for Games enables users to utilize the auto click option that is easy to use. The tap button allows quick touch that helps automatic tapping on the mobile screen. It has the points of floating clicks with an auto taping on any side of your mobile that does various clicks at the same time.

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    How to use the app:
    First, install our app from the play store and then open it
    You will see the setting menu and turn on your desired option for using the app.
    After turn on the necessary setting, you can need to go auto click service
    then select click event mode with a single click or multiple click events and tap on start
    auto click service will show you click the point on your mobile screen
    Select your move and start auto taping where you want on the mobile screen, apps, or game screen
    Then the app will be tapping on points you can stop it when you want

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    No root? Hardly you want to wonder yourself by using it. Our app runs on your smartphone without getting any root permission. You can use it with any application. If You want to remain active on any app or game, but you do not want to touch the screen again, then you have this app, and You can do your other work. The auto-click app will do all the repetitive tasks that you set.

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    This auto clicker has excellent control of your clicks about your tap actions. Set the screen part & click & collect a point of taping. The app collapses the autoplay step by step. Quick touch automatic, easy and joyful for everyone! Auto taps become more enjoyable. Control the fastest auto clicker and move your clicks around the screen faster without any finger touch!

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    By all means, our Auto Clicker application will provide you the ability to press the screen at a particular internal location automatically. Now download our auto clicker app and enjoy your clicking experience without touch on your mobile screen

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