Automatic Tap – Auto Clicking

auto clicker

Auto clicker app helps for clicking on a selected place on screen for the purpose to avoid missed taps while need of continuous taps on cell phone. This is specially designed for continuous tapping on one place in which user needs to tap on a button continuously, with this app user can select a place for tapping and app will auto tap its feature there.

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    Features of Auto clicking app
    -Beautiful design with complete instructions
    -Helps in multiple clicking automatically
    -Turned on/off at any time

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    How auto tap app works:
    -Open the app
    -Follow the step wise instructions to enable it
    -A floating button appears on screen with a play button it
    -place that floating button where you want continuous taps.
    -press play button and the app will tap continuously on that place
    -press pause button when you want to stop/pause continuous tapping

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    Download this auto clicking app and do leave your feedbacks & comments so that we can improve our app as per your desired use

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