Bee Stinger Connect app is a very powerful and professional mobile phone auto clicker software

Bee Stinger Connect app is a very powerful and professional mobile phone auto clicker software, Bee Stinger Connect app does not need root, you can quickly connect to use, very safe and easy to use.

Software Description

  Bee Stinger Tap App helps you to tap the screen automatically and supports operation in both ROOT and non-ROOT environments. Drag to set the click position, long press to set the number of cycles and other options to connect easily.

  The linker app is very useful as it does not require root to use. The linker app can be of great help.

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    The game click task is easy to use and has a simple interface, so if you are interested you can download and use it now!

    Bee Stinger Linker

    Software Features

      -Can help you to tap the screen automatically, support ROOT environment and non-ROOT environment to run, drag and drop to set the click position

      -Supports single tap cycle, multiple tap cycles, long press, swipe, and the simulation of HOME key, back button, notification bar and other physical keys

      -Each group of functions provides various detailed parameter settings, which can be perfectly adapted to the needs of various keystrokes.

    Function introduction

      1. Parameter settings: You can set the frequency of clicks you want.

      2、Multi-point cyclic click: multiple points are cyclically clicked in sequence.

      3、Multi-touch click: support click plus click, click plus slide click at the same time.

      4、Single click: several hundred clicks per second.

    Software instructions

      1、First of all, download and install the software, open it into the settings interface.

      2, set the desired function command can, to provide you with the perfect click effect.

      3、Easy full screen start click (except bubble).

      4、Set the click position freely online, this application is also suitable for different resolutions.

      5、Real-time setting of phone click frequency, finger press time, finger pop-up time setting (generally not used) and so on.

      6、Help the majority of Android users to free their hands, easy to set the click frequency.

      7, small size does not occupy your phone memory, effective for a variety of games or applications to assist.

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