Ben Yuan Mouse Clicker

Ben Yuan Mouse Clicker is a free green mouse clicker tool that allows users to record their mouse movements and then record and play back the recorded actions, eliminating the need for boring repetitive mouse clicking operations.

Software Features
Simulate any mouse action by recording and playing back mouse movements

Support custom mouse coordinates, button type, click type, interval seconds, etc.

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    Support custom mouse coordinates to achieve precise positioning, a good helper for web games

    Software features
    1、Record and play pointer movement, left-click and right-click mouse movements

    2、Left click from left to right or right to left to continuously click on the pop-up information box button area

    3、It can simulate four kinds of mouse movements: left-click, left-double-click, right-click and right-double-click respectively

    How to use
    1, open the software, press [CTRL + F4] key combination, or click the button on the interface, start recording mouse operations

    2、After recording, press [CTRL+F5] key combination, or click the button on the interface, you can play the recorded operation

    3、Or you can customize it to simulate the type of click

    Software evaluation
    If you need to perform repetitive mouse movements, you can use this Ben Yuan Mouse Auto Clicker to help us perform them.

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