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SmartConnector is a professional Android mobile connect tool, easy to use, where you can gather newbie guidance, permission management, parameter settings and interface settings, and a variety of gesture types to choose from, to help users start mobile connect service, where there are detailed instructional videos on the use of the software, you can freely set different gestures control. The Smart Clicks provides you with a convenient click and swipe operation that allows you to quickly click and swipe through videos, set the interval between clicks and swipes, set any click and swipe position, and click at a super fast speed!

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    Software features

      1、Functional options, there are a number of functional options, allowing you to better set up, and you can also choose at will.

      2, a variety of ways to play, the software is a variety of ways to play and role, is to help you better in the above, to use the app to help yourself.

      3, intelligent operation, the operation is extremely simple, but also with a key function, so you can complete the set up, you can go directly to the click.

      4、Automatic click, set up your own set of buttons, will automatically click on the above, fully automatic without the user to operate.

      5, a number of functions, no matter what software, or what applications, you can use the software clicker, open the editor can go to the automatic click.

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