Cat Claw Clicker app

Cat Claw Clicker app is an easy to operate mobile phone continuous clicking tool. Cat Claw Clicker app is powerful and can easily click on the screen, support custom click times, can easily swipe video, grab red packets, etc. It is an analog smart clicker to operate the screen.

Software Introduction

  Cat Claw Clicker app is a powerful mobile phone clicker application, the software supports how many programs, you can customize the settings, can help users better mobile phone simulation automatic click.

Cat Claw Clicker

Software Features

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    Cat Claw Clicker can simulate the act of clicking or swiping on your mobile phone screen. You only need to configure a set of operation plan, you can free your hands, such as automatic swipe video, automatic page turning e-book, etc.

      Cat Claw Clicker is very flexible and can be configured for almost any event with parameters such as click event, execution event, delay, offset, number of executions, etc.

      Cat Claw Clicker also supports the execution of multiple scenarios with one click, so you only need to configure multiple scenarios to cycle through them.

      The saved scenarios are easy to manage and can be deleted with a swipe, and you can reconfigure existing scenarios and run tests while they are being configured.

      The Cat Claw clicker is very precise and sensitive, no missing points or errors in clicking, and is fully compatible with bangscreen phones.

      For the convenience of all users, Cat Claw Clicker also enables recorded gestures, where you simply tap and swipe the screen and an event is automatically generated, making configuring a solution even easier!

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