Connecting Dots

The Android mobile version of Connecting Dots is a tool based on Android to simulate tapping on the phone screen without rooting, and can be used in a variety of complex scenarios such as batch automation testing, assisting people with disabilities to use the phone, and triggering continuous tapping on the phone with one click.

Software advantages

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    1、Global simulation, you can simulate the position of all programs on different mobile phones

      2、Multi-point simulation, set different applications on the mobile phone in different locations.

      3、Route simulation, you can simulate walking, driving, flying in a straight line and set the speed manually

      4、Application hiding, can be a good solution to the problem of program being detected

    Software features

      Discovery function.

      Provide you with hundreds of powerful and popular auxiliary and high-quality hand games

      Point and click function.

      The app allows you to quickly and continuously tap in a short period of time

      Recording function.

      Easily simulates all the movements of your fingers on the screen

    Software Highlights

      1, powerful, including single point, multi-point positioning, and can be positioned separately for different applications.

      2、It can also simulate all kinds of travel, walking, driving, flying in a straight line, customizing travel speed, travel routes.

      3, mainly to solve with the mobile phone mobile Internet popularization, more and more personal privacy is collected by a variety of APP.

      4, can be very good protection of the location of privacy, and thus also to protect the privacy of individuals.

    Basic introduction

      1, the novel automatically adjustable speed reading page turn.

      2、Provides you with the perfect click effect.

      3、Easy full-screen auto-click.

      4、Free to set the click position online.

      5、This application is also suitable for different resolutions.


      Application simulation: add it to whichever simulation data you need to give

      Location simulation: position the software wherever you want to go

      New phone with one click: change your phone brand, model and serial number as you wish

      Virtual WIFI: simulate WIFI status, name

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