Continuous Clicker – Auto Clicker

[Give your fingers a break and avoid tedious repetitive clicking]]

The “Auto Click Assistant” helps you count and click easily

  • Automatic counter.

Based on the time and number of counts entered, it automatically starts counting the frequency issued.

Suitable for: Doing workouts according to the frequency tone of the automatic counter, for example, 30 push-ups in 1 minute or 60 jump ropes to complete the program goal.

    • Autoclick.

    Automatic clicks in specific places on web pages

    Ideal for: social networking, news sites, etc. for auto-clicking, check-in or polling needs

    • Autoscroll.

    Automatically scroll through web pages to see more content, with customisable speed adjustments

    Ideal for: web news, novels, etc. in auto-reading mode

    Don’t miss out on this time-saving click counting tool!

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