Dot Cat ROOT-free Auto Clicker

Dot Cat ROOT-free Auto Clicker is an auto clicker software developed by Henan Extension Dock Network Technology Co., Ltd. that can be used without obtaining root access, set the behavior directly and execute automatically, very convenient and easy to operate, directly open the auto clicker, don’t miss it.

Available for scenarios.

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      1. game button assist.
      2. brush shake a shake voice, hand shake tired, can also be used to assist.
      3. other applications that need to click, or cycle click can also be used

      Point Cat ROOT free auto clicker app

      Software features

      1. Reliably clicks on any selected location on your screen at the interval you set.

      2、Does not require ROOT access and can be used for full screen applications.

      3、If you need to keep a certain game on, or need to tap the same button repeatedly, or need to tap the screen as quickly as possible, it can help you to do so.

      Official Description
      A true ROOT-free automation execution tool, intended to reduce the user’s repeated operations or clicks on the phone, to achieve the function of one click straight away. For example, if you combine a few actions to open a pinned card into a “one click pinned card” automation, you will only need to manually tap this automation to open a pinned card every day, without having to tap repeated actions. In addition, you can also use this tool to achieve more interesting functions, such as: simulate clicking on the interface of a game or advertisement, APP automation test, assist the elderly or children to quickly use the phone function.

      Update Log
      v1.0.4 update

      1. Add the function of modifying a single job
      2. Fix the problem of editing timed tasks
      3. Improve the stability of timed task rest screen
      4. Optimize user experience

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