Easy Scroll

Everyone talks about sliding the phone, but does it have to be a sliding phone? “Easy Scroll is an app that allows Android phone users to scroll with a tap!

“Scroll Easy is an app designed for those who are too lazy to swipe their phone and displays a row of floating buttons on the screen.

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    You can control the movement of the screen with a single tap. By default, the screen can be moved from a small half-page slide to a large full-page slide, and you can also enable automatic scrolling to move the screen up or down slowly.
    In addition to the default function buttons, you can also add back, home and recent apps to your list, and open the power menu! You can also manually speed up or slow down the scrolling speed when the screen is in “auto-scroll” mode, so that the scrolling speed can be adapted to your reading needs.

    The colour scheme of the buttons is open for customisation and can be made to appear horizontally depending on the user’s needs. You can also specify that the button only appears in certain apps, making it very user-friendly. If you often read long articles, eBooks or are simply too lazy to swipe, check out this tool that replaces swiping with clicking!

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