Flash Finger Tap

Flash Finger Tap is a useful tool for tapping. The app has a very powerful auto-tap function that assists users to operate their mobile phones better and improve your operation.

Software Description

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    Flash Finger Tapper is an automatic tapping app for Android users. It allows you to free your hands in front of your mobile phone and to tap automatically, so that you can stop worrying about continuous tapping and increase the efficiency of your mobile phone.

    Finger Tap

    Function introduction

    Automatic trigger for various scenarios.

    Whether it’s automatic testing or intelligent control, or simply playing a handheld game, it can easily meet your needs;

    Various scenarios.

    Simulate opening and closing the notification bar, find the WeChat icon and click on it, turn on the flash repeatedly, set the click operation freely;

    Automatic clicking, free your hands:.

    The Flash Finger Linker app supports simulated clicking, simulated long press, simulated swiping, all kinds of gestures are available.


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